Official release of Snow for ServiceNow 3.3

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Snow for ServiceNow Release Communication

Released on March 14, 2019.


Snow for ServiceNow 3.3 is a certified platform integration between Snow License Manager and the ServiceNow NOW platform. Building on features and capabilities introduced in earlier versions, this latest release of Snow for ServiceNow further enhances the integration between the world’s leading Software Asset Management and ITSM platform, providing customers with a combined value through standardized and certified integration.

Release information

Product:                Snow for ServiceNow
New version:         3.3
Release date:        March 14, 2019
Distribution:          ServiceNow  store
Current status:      Released


Software usage for ServiceNow Software usage data – which includes, for example, information about when an application was installed, when it was first used, most recent usage, number of times used (runs), the average length of each run, and a user count – provides insight into how an application is being consumed by users. Usage data is now extracted from Snow License Manager for use in ServiceNow. Stored in standard software instance tables and linked directly to each computer CI, usage data is now available to all applications, processes, and workflows across the ServiceNow platform.

Support for Snow License Manager custom fields

Custom fields defined in Snow License Manager can now be added to the list of fields maintained by Snow for ServiceNow. Once transferred to ServiceNow, customfield data is stored in dedicated staging tables and linked to dedicated transform maps. This feature enables custom fields created in Snow License Manager to be correlated with the desired destination in ServiceNow and provides a standardized method for aggregating customfield data from Snow to ServiceNow.

Additional filtering options

To further refine the data Snow for ServiceNow needs to maintain, additional filterLnJ options Include Servers and Include Non-Servers are now part of the connector configuration for ServiceNow CMDB. These options increase the flexibility of Snow for ServiceNow, by supporting aggregations that target specific computer environments such as, just the server estate, or the workstation/ laptop/mobile/cloud estate.

A full version of the release notes can be found here

Download from ServiceNow Store

Product and Service Catalog Update:!/store/application/a4c988b60f936a0029698c9ce1050e10/3.3.6


CMDB Integration:!/store/application/04a81ff90fbde200bb508fbce1050e2e/3.3.28