Official announcement of Snow Inventory Server 6.0.7

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Jul 17, 2019

Released on July 17, 2019

Release information

Product:                  Snow Inventory Server
New version:          6.0.7
Release date:         July 17, 2019
Distribution:           SUS package
Current status:      Released

Enhancements in Snow Inventory Server 6.0.7

  • The default configuration for the garbage collector module has been adjusted to more effectively handle larger installations.
  • Support to configure Snow Inventory Agent to enable Public Key Pinning.
  • Support to configure Snow Inventory Agent with the recently introduced SystemSettings


Corrections in Snow Inventory Server 6.0.7


  • Data from Active Directory User Discovery is now removed according to the configuration of the DiscoveryCleanupModule (PRB0042312).
  • Virtual application packages that were reported multiple times are now handled correctly and will not cause errors in the execution of the Data Update Job (PRB0042376).
  • Virtual machines (VMs) running on Red Hat Linux environments or on oVirt environments are now correctly recognized as such (PRB0042225).
  • The names for virtual machines reported by their host is now stored as reported, and not truncated at the first period '.' (PRB0042145).
  • The "Error encountered" message no longer displays when configuring additional options in Snow Inventory Server Configuration Manager (PRB0042399).