Marcel Hirsch

Snow Inventory Agent Update

Blog Post created by Marcel Hirsch Employee on Jul 18, 2019

This blog post describes how to update Snow Inventory Agents. It contains useful information and a clear how-to guide.


Why should I update?

Updates contain both security fixes and new functionalities. Please consider, if you would like to update, by reading through the Release Notes. If you would like to update one of your agent, follow the steps described below.



Open Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC). Login to your Snow Inventory. On the 'Overview' page, you are seeing how many of your agents are on the latest version. The figure should look like this:

We can see, that not all windows agents are on the latest version (5.3.0) and we would like to update.



How can I update?

There are two ways, how a new agent finds its way to the machines in your estate.

1. Request a new agent package via Snow Support

  • Snow Support will build a new installation package for you, which you can then rollout via your software distribution tool.
  • Open a ticket and include the following information:
    • Target Operating System (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Unix)
    • Architecture (64/32 bit or both?)
    • Attach a valid configuration. Please read below, how to extract the most recent configuration from your estate.
  • Please stick to this Support Guide.


2. Perform an agent update package via Snow Management and Configuration Center

  • Go to Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC) and select 'Agent update' from the side menu.
  • Click on 'Create new' in the top menu.
  • Work through the wizard. Give a name for this update, for example 'Update Windows to 5.3.0'.
  • Select a target (Win32 in this example)
  • Make sure to select 'Install agent'.
  • Select a target group. In my example the site 'Test'.

    You can also select a subset, for example a certain configuration. This makes sense, if you only want to update a certain number of agents.
  • Select an update time. By default, this will be the current date with 00:00 UTC. Make changes, if desired.
  • Complete the wizard. Your created update will be visible in the table under 'Agent updates'. You can view the status of the update there.

The agents will update by themselves, after they have reported their scan results. After some time, the overview panel should show progress.

Congratulations! You have successfully updated your Snow Inventory Agents using the builtin update function.


Additional Information: See your current Configurations

Go to Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC). Select the tab 'Configurations' from the side menu. You are seeing all configurations, that are currently reporting in. Select one, then click 'Edit' to view/edit or 'Export' to export and attach the configuration to your agent creation request.


If you have further questions, feel free to comment on this blog post.