Did you know? - Exporting all your machines

Blog Post created by geoffrey.macquet Employee on Oct 2, 2019

If you ever were in the case that you would need to export your machines i.e. for your test environment or because you want to run a test which archives your machines or simply reinstall SLM and only want to import your machines - then you might want to follow this guide. Of course you can use this method as backup for your machines (although you might want to backup the database as well).


Doing so is pretty easy:


  1. Connect to your Inventory Server and run snowserverconfig.exe which is located under C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow Inventory\Server\
  2. Click on the bottom "Click here for additional options..."
  3. Now continue by clicking on Export devices:
  4. In the next step, the tool will ask you the credentials to connect to the SnowInventory database. Usually this is already filled up with the correct information - if not, make sure you enter a user, which does have enough permissions to access the SnowInventory database:
  5. In the next step, you can choose the destination of the exported inventory files. You can also limit the historical data. Note that the higher the amount of days, the bigger the files will be and the longer the export will take.
  6. Click on Export and that's it! You will have your inventory files exported.


The size of the files will vary between 2 - 500KB (depending of the historical date set). The snowpacks will all be crypted but can be decrypted by Support or any technical staff at Snow.


If you want to check or fetch the snowpack of a specified machine, the easiest way would be to run the scan command directly on the machine via elevated CMD:

The command "sc control SnowInventoryAgent5 128" will run the scan directly via service - don't be bugged by the 5 in the service name, this command is also valid for Inventory Agents 6 on Windows.

An alternative would be to start the CMD, browse to C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent and run the command "snowagent scan". Note that in this case, the Scan will be executed as the user who runs the CMD.


To scan Linux/AIX or Unix Machines, browse to /opt/snow/ and run "sudo snowagent -scan".

To scan on MAC OS machines run "sudo /opt/snow/snowagent scan"


If you want to import your exported inventory files i.e. in your test system, you want to copy all the snowpack files to the incoming folder of the Snow Inventory which is typically located under C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow Inventory\Server\Incoming\data\processing.