• Advance Autoconnect Rules

    Hi, I am looking at the advanced autoconnect rules and was wondering if there is a way to order the rules to run first. So I have several rules set up but would like Snow to use a particular rule first and then the ot...
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  • Is there a published list of exit codes for the Windows Agent?

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a Windows machine that is not scanning in to Inventory. It's agent version is 6.3. The error being seen is: 2019-10-25T10:11:20-7:00; ERROR;        snowagent; ...
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  • Snow Inventory Agent for Windows - Best Practices

    This document describes the best practices of the Snow Inventory Agent for Windows.   Snow Agent for Windows (SIAW) Requirements & Best Practices   Snow Inventory Agent for Windows   Agent Requirem...
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  • Collection info about Autodesk installation

    Dears,   Is it possible to collect the following infos on Autodesk installations?   1. Serial 2. If the installation is based on Network Server or Single 3. If Network Server - Which one?   Thanks ...
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  • How to schedule reports automatically send to a particular email ID?

    How to schedule reports in SNOW and send the report automatically to a particular email ID?   automatic report snowinventory scheduled reports
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  • Snow Agent - error - not Win32 app

    I installed Snow Inventory Agent 6.0.2_x86 on Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 2 v.5583. The service is set to run Automatically but does not start. Starting the service manually a pop-up says this is not a Win32 app....
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  • Updating Snow Inventory SSL Certificates

    Hi everyone -   I had an installation of Snow Inventory Server 6 which we had performed the installation with a SSL Certificate on HTTPS which had recently expired. Once expired we saw that all Windows clients w...
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  • How do I know if the Windows Snow Agent 6.3.0x64.msi is set to uninstall old inventory client?

    Hello Snow!   I requested from Support to provide the latest Windows agent with setting "Overwrite/uninstall old version" to ACTIVE. However, the agent is not uninstalling the old client. I am not sure if the su...
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  • Nutanix Machines Visibilty in Snow

    Hi All,   I observed that Nutanix machines showing as Physical instead of Virtual. Is this default behaviour in Snow or its issue?   Please suggest.   Thanks, Kishan Pant
  • Agents with SIOS and OpenJava

    Hi everybody, all our distributed agents (for servers) are enabled to scan Oracle databases (sios)  - platforms: Windows and Unix (Linux, AIX, Solaris). Prerequisite for the Oracle script is Java - we're curre...
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  • Manual Update not making changes

    I'm currently trying to debug how site and auto-connect work on a 3.7 client.   I make changes and run a "Manual update".  I never see the changes till the next day (when I would see them anyway). The data...
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  • Monitoring the VDI environment

    Has anyone implemented a VDI solution using VMWare? If so, what do I need to do to capture the machine inventory and metering? The servers we are using don't have a Windows O/S rather they use the a VM ware / linux ke...
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  • SNOW Update Service Stopped!

    Dear All,   SNOW Update Service in the Inventory server was Stopped since months ago, the last log file is from 22-05-2019 below is a part of it. It is properly working on the Application Server and receivi...
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  • Are Software license key captured in Snow?

    Does Snow has the capability of capturing the license keys for installed software products? If yes, do we need to make some changes in the config file or customisation? 
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  • Exclude windows directory from scan

    Hello Community,    far as I know if I update Snowagent.config and put inside exclude:   <Exclude>       <Path>C:\ProgramData\*</Path> </Exclude&g...
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  • Antivirus Exclusion for Snow Agent

    Hi,   Please suggest what things need to be exclude in Antivirus for Snow Agent scanning.   Because we have seen some issue during scanning where antivirus affect the same.   Thanks, Kishan
  • HowTo - Inventory Server Multiple Endpoints

    Scenario: The customer wants to change the Snow Inventory Agent port to SSL without losing communication to the devices during the change process.   Resolution: The configuration of multiple Snow Inventory S...
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  • Agent for Windows 3.7.06 - move to it? Or stay on .05.

    I have a bunch of machines with the Windows client 3.7.03 that I'd like to get updated.   I have an Agent for Windows 3.7.05, I see there's a .06 which, based on the note about an improvement for App-V, I don't ...
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  • Does Inventory 6 Agent Update only Support 32-bit?

    I want to perform an agent update from our new Inventory 6.0.4 SMACC. When I click the drop-down menu for Target Operating System, all I see for Windows is Win32. Does Inventory SMACC support 64-bit agent update? If s...
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  • Did you know? - Exporting all your machines

    If you ever were in the case that you would need to export your machines i.e. for your test environment or because you want to run a test which archives your machines or simply reinstall SLM and only want to impo...
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