• Sending data ONLY to a drop location?

    Hi @all,   concerning the Windows agent (>= vers. 5) I'm just wondering if it's possible to create a snowagent.config file which delivers the collected data ONLY to a drop location.   In the old snow c...
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  • AD Sync error: Unable to map value to a row in destination database

    Hello Snowers,   I am getting the following error for the AD sync coming up from AD user discovery in Snow Inventory 5.   path-  X:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow License Manager\Services\Impor...
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  • SaaS web metering for OS X?

    Hi all, Is Chrome and Firefox webapp metering for the Mac OS X agent on the roadmap?   Thanks, Rick
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  • SI6 Standalone Receiver - How to update?

    Hi community,   I've recently installed my first instance of a Standalone Receiver. I installed it using the 6.0.0 installer, and I realized that there is no Snow Update Service installed on that machine.  ...
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  • How to block old version of snow client getting scan in Inventory

    Hi Team we have large number of machines in that some of the machines have inventory client 3.7 also snow agent 6.2 installed and both are scanning the same machine and reflecting twice in inventory how to block old c...
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  • Do you need to add and entry to the snowagent.config to enable the browser extension for Safari?

    The new feature in the macOS 6.2.0 agent is the browser extension for Safari. But except for enabling metering in the Snow Inventory Admin Console, do we also need to enter an entry in the snowagent.config like is nee...
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  • Can the Snow 6.2.0 macOS agent be deployed using Microsoft Intune?

    We would like to deploy the Snow 6.2.0 macOS agent by means of Intune but we can not get it work? We checked How to add macOS line-of-business apps to Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs  and requested a ...
  • Handshake Error to Snow Inventory

    Since a few days our devices can't send their inventory file to Snow Inventory Server anymore. If we use the endpoint check URL we get the following error: "Turn on TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 in Advanced settings ...
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  • How to link Microsoft Office 365 / Not linked users ?

    Dear All,   We have over 9k Microsoft Office 365  Users that have not been linked to an existing user in any inventory source . this is list is very huge and the suggested users are also high in count...
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  • Where is inventory coming from?

    Hi All, Can someone tell me a way to determine if the endpoint inventory file has been sent via the Service Gateway or via the Internet please?   Cheers Shaz
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  • Number of update targets in SMACC View

    I am pushing the agent 6.1.0 using a view from the SMACC (with over 10,000 clients) but I see that the update does not get pushed to all the clients in the view (only 709). Someone knows why? Here is the push: And...
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  • PowerBi to retrieve SLM Reports

    Hello,   Could someone point me to the correct sql tables to find the SLM reports (custom or not..) to be open within PowerBI?   Thanks. 
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  • Data update job finish notification

    Dear All,   Can we get a out of the box notification whenever the data update job finishes with status ? Currently i have configured this notification via a monitoring tool .   Regards // Shahbaz Khan
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  • Device_exclusion_list Scope

    Hi Guys,   Need to know about a setting in SMACC: Under basic settings: Device_exclusion_list: Would this apply to all computers or is just limited to Devices??   Regards, Dheemant Maini
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  • IDX endpoint

    I was reading this document: How to troubleshoot Webapp Monitoring. Which suggests that we should be able to check the IDX endpoint URL from a users PC, where the URL is our inventory server plus "/v1/I...
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  • Active Directory Discovery

    Hi All ,   We have Active Directory Discovery in our environment and all the Assets are getting discovered from all the OU. But we have servers and clusters  in the OU named *servers* (cluster being logica...
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  • Snow Oracle agent clusterawere

    Hi,   Is it necessary to install Oracle Snow agent on both nodes in Oracle Clusterware environment and can Snow recognised which node is active?   Thanks and regards!
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  • Snow Gateway ignoring SNOWPACK files

    I have a SNOW Gateway server (old version 5.4.1). This morning when we installed it it was processing snowpack files fine. Then it stopped and 90k files queued up (it's a large estate). No matter what I do the server ...
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  • Snow Agent - Linux Centos - need access

    I have installed Snow Agent RPM on a Centos 7 server. The agent is not able to get information and upload it to the central system. The agent log has entries that say: "snowagent; nix/main.cpp; main; Ru...
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  • Snow Agent - error - not Win32 app

    I installed Snow Inventory Agent 6.0.2_x86 on Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 2 v.5583. The service is set to run Automatically but does not start. Starting the service manually a pop-up says this is not a Win32 app....
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