• Number of update targets in SMACC View

    I am pushing the agent 6.1.0 using a view from the SMACC (with over 10,000 clients) but I see that the update does not get pushed to all the clients in the view (only 709). Someone knows why? Here is the push: And...
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  • Snowagent.exe Memory

    Hello,   Our Windows servers are reporting that Snowagent process is taking from 215 - 250 MB RAM on our servers and approx 110 on Windows clients. For an agent this seems colossal. Is everyone experiencing thi...
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  • System.IO.Pipes.PipeDirection Error when running Snow Inventory Agent for Windows (5.3) scan

    Getting the following error when running Snow Inventory Agent for Windows (5.3) scan on some computers, is this an issue? any suggestions on resolution if it is?   Unable to find type [System.IO.Pipes.PipeDirect...
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  • Snow Inventory Admin Console - User Guide v5

    Hello,   Could anyone point me in the right direction of finding an up to date Inventory Admin Console User Guide please?   I had a search on the community however, I could only find one from 2 years ago. ...
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  • IsVDI flag to be set manually?

    Is there a reason why Snow would not set the IsVDI flag automatically? I have a special Config file for those but I have to use the Config flag to set the flag on ... If a VDI Snow client can be defined as a Windows...
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  • Operation Best Practice:  Error log notifications

    SNOW's SIM is scheduled to run aggregations periodically.  For various reasons, errors were generated and logged to log files on the server.  What can we do so that an automated email/alert is sent to t...
    created by Kally
  • terminal servers won't start snow inventory agent

    Hello everyone,   I'm facing an inconvenient issue with some of our teminal Servers. After a reboot serveral Servers are not able to start the snow inventory Agent Service. There is no clear pattern which you ...
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  • Inventory Server 6.0 upgrade install

    Just noticed the Inventory Server 6.0 upgrade is pending installation, and requiring a new key (requested from sales rep).   Has anyone done this upgrade yet? Did it go smoothly? Any gotchas? Any pre-install tas...
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  • Install Snow Inventory Client 5.x on different drive?

    Hi All,   With Snow Inventory Client 3.x I was always able to just copy the SIC files to any drive and install and start from the command promp.   This doesn't seem to work for Snow Inventory Client 5.x as...
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  • Archived Computers

    Happy Friday All!   Can anyone confirm how long machines stay in SLM in the archived report?   It used to be indefinitely, however, I'm led to believe that this has been changed to 90 days.   Clarifi...
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  • Agent V5 configuration for file scanning

    Hey community,   i need some clarification of the agent configuration regarding software scanning and what is included or not. My requirement is, that all local drives should be scanned - I do not want to inclu...
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  • Same computer MULTIPLE unique SNOW ID's HELP

    Snow is assigning new unique identifiers every time that a device gets un-quarantined and it also assigns a new unique ID anytime a device falls out of snow and get put back in. If snow is using the following criteria...
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  • Configurations in Inventory Server 5 console

    I added a new configuration for the SNOW client version 5.2.0. In the instruction guide it states to remove the old version configurations. I did that and this morning the old version entries are back. And they&#...
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  • Agent updates outdated if targetting a view?

    When we deploy a new version of the agent or a config file to a view using the SMACC, it seems like the collection of targets gets populated when the push is published ... but it appears as if the collection is never ...
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  • prerequisite for integrating SNOW with SCCM or using SNOW with Automation Platform to uninstall and install app on user 's system

    Hi,   prerequisite  for integrating SNOW with SCCM or using SNOW with Automation Platform to uninstall and install the app on the user 's system, could you please help me out
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  • Custom file scan with PowerShell?

    There are several threads in the community about the custom registry scan using this signed script and the CSV file that goes with it: Scan-CustomRegistry.snow-ps1 keys.csv Is there a similar solution for custom fi...
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  • How to update (existing) snowagent.config via SMACC?

    Hi all, Step-by-step I'm learning more and more about the magic world of SNOW.  I'm now at the stage I want to change the configuration of existing agents. I've been reading the USerguide for Adminconsole, I ha...
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  • Inventory 5/6 - Device View Alphabetical Ordering

    Hello,   I was wondering if anyone knew how to order your device views in alphabetical order.    We have hosted platforms so each time we get a new customer to add a view for, they appear at the botto...
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  • Update pushes through SMACC working intermittently

    Dear specialists, I am having trouble regularly when pushing updates (agent or files) through the Inventory SMACC. Often, the push never starts and I have to recreate it, several times in a row in some cases, before...
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  • Snow infrastructure - DB Optimization

    Hello all,   Our database index is 99% fragmented -> Slow SLM queries. Do you know if the Snow application has an out of the box option to rebuild index or "database optimization feature"? Sometimes the ...
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