• How to inventory a non-connected environment?

    Hi there.   Service provider here with a hosted SPE platform for our clients (currently SLM8/SI5, but with SLM9/SI6 pending shortly).   We have a client with a part of their environment that - for secu...
    created by ACBush
  • How to update (existing) snowagent.config via SMACC?

    Hi all, Step-by-step I'm learning more and more about the magic world of SNOW.  I'm now at the stage I want to change the configuration of existing agents. I've been reading the USerguide for Adminconsole, I ha...
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  • SWID tags

    Hey Snowers,   I've been trying to find the presence of SWID tags in registry but without effective results. Someone knows if the SWID tags besides the c:\programdata\ folder are also stored in the registry? ...
    created by Morgado
  • Microsoft plist files (Mac)

    Dear all, I see that some of my instances of Microsoft Office 2016 Standard (Mac) are recognized as Microsoft Office 365 Proplus (Mac). In the SMACC, the "Application bundles" list shows that the difference between ...
    created by Samuel
  • Admin console Accessing Plugins error

    Hello Folks, I am facing issues having access SMACC admin console. we have copied the plugins in to another server it was accessing till yesterday but when I tried to access in this morning. Give me below error and I...
    created by Kaushal
  • How to arrange the Firefox Browser Extension cannot be disabled

    We have the Cloud Application discovery and metering enabled for all three browsers supported by Snow: IE11, Google Chrome and Firefox. We now noticed that the end-user is able to disable the Firefox browser exte...
  • Cloud Application Metering

    Hi   We are looking at the potential of setting this up for our Snow configuration here.   The only documentation I can find is a technical description dated 02/05/2018   Is there an updated version ...
    created by MedwayCouncil
  • Snow Agent Veriosn 5.x in clonning Images

    Hi Folks, I just wanted to know if we are using Cloning image where Snow agent version 5 is already installed.what steps do we require to perform after making any cloning image with preinstalled Snow Agent to scanned...
    created by Kaushal
  • Datacenter vs Cluster

    We have all our Hyper-V servers globally managed by an SCVMM infrastructure. It manages all Windows host servers and their VMs. Some of those hosts are in load-balancing/fail-over configuration (what I would call "clu...
    created by Samuel
  • SMACC custom Device views (include, exclude options)

    SMACC - creating custom view for Devices (with include or exclude options)   When creating a custom view for devices i can add for example all the Windows servers of the domain Test. I also create a view f...
    last modified by Roelof
  • terminal servers won't start snow inventory agent

    Hello everyone,   I'm facing an inconvenient issue with some of our teminal Servers. After a reboot serveral Servers are not able to start the snow inventory Agent Service. There is no clear pattern which you ...
    last modified by SimonB
  • Error: unexpected status code 200

    Hi all, we are deploying a Linux agent 5.2.0 on a RHEL 5.8. With most servers it goes well. But in few servers we got the error: "Cannot send to server. Server replied with unexpected status code 200" after a manual...
    last modified by Dirk
  • Get historical hardware data from Inventory

    Is there a way to extract historical data about hardware changes from Snow Inventory?   For instance, I would like to see the changes in processors, number of processors and number of core on a virtual server th...
    created by vegard.cock
  • Snow Agent - WebConfigManager.CPP Error

    Hello,   we recently successfully migrated from SLM 7 & Inventory 3.7 to the newest version of each Application.    We currently run a mixture of Agents on version 3.7 and 5.3 and they reach the I...
    last modified by MStock
  • TS - Application

    Hello,   If I installed a Snow Agent in the TS Server, will this give me a more accurate count of who is accessing the application installed on the TS Server ?   Thank You, Mayank
    last modified by GSDCSAMteam
  • Custom Bundle to monitor software installed on a specific OS

    Hi all,   Is there anyway to create a custom bundle within SMACC so that we can monitor the list of devices across our estate that are on Windows 10 and have different software against what we have installed as ...
    last modified by abradshaw
  • Agent Configuration

    Hello,   Can the Snow agent be configured with a Login ID and password? Thank You,Mayank
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  • Jamf Mac Agent

    Hello,   Do you require separate Snow Agent for Jamf base Mac OS ?   Mayank
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  • SQL Databases Report

    Does SNOW gather SQL Server databases when inventorying SQL Servers? I had a request from the Applications Teams for a report that lists all the databases on Inventoried Server Servers. Is it in the SNOW DB?  ...
    last modified by Mark.Walther
  • Computers with Snow Agent and Ivanti Agent - Set Priority

    Hello,   I've a scenario where some computers have two different agents inventorying computers & installed apps: Snow agent and Ivanti Agent. Ivanti is worldwide deployed and Snow agents only in some partic...
    last modified by Morgado