• Snowagent.exe Memory

    Hello,   Our Windows servers are reporting that Snowagent process is taking from 215 - 250 MB RAM on our servers and approx 110 on Windows clients. For an agent this seems colossal. Is everyone experiencing thi...
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  • Same computer MULTIPLE unique SNOW ID's HELP

    Snow is assigning new unique identifiers every time that a device gets un-quarantined and it also assigns a new unique ID anytime a device falls out of snow and get put back in. If snow is using the following criteria...
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  • Mac agent update to v6

    Hello,   Has anybody else tried pushing out the v6 Mac Agent?  We're in the process of doing that.  In the Inventory SMACC the computers show as successful:     ...however not one of those...
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  • Oracle on Windows operating system

    Hi!   We a problem with Oracle DB scanning on Windows OS. Java is installed and all the necessary rights for Windows user are granted (Administrator). The latest versions of agent and sios are used. &...
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  • Junk Characters picked up in IP address

    Hi guys,   Seen a lot of computers where junk characters are being picked up in IP address. Wanted to know how is snow agent capturing all these characters?   Regards, Dheemant Maini
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  • Agent V5 configuration for file scanning

    Hey community,   i need some clarification of the agent configuration regarding software scanning and what is included or not. My requirement is, that all local drives should be scanned - I do not want to inclu...
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  • Mac agent update to 6.0.1

    Hi,   I am trying to push out a new Mac agent, so we can test an update to v6.0.1.  The old agent is working ... and reporting in.  However, when I try to push out the new agent via the SMACC it fails ...
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  • SNOW Products lifecycle

      Hi All,   I would like to ask if there is any document or link in which I can find the lifecycle of SNOW products. For example I recently knew that SNOW Inventory Agent version 5.2.1 is now out of s...
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  • Inventory Server Multiple Endpoints

    Hello, I have a Master Inventory Server, which gets the inventories from the agents via HTTP. Now I want to install a service gateway in another network which should send the inventories encrypted via HTTPS to the Ma...
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  • Windows Server 2016 container support

    Hello!   Does Snow supports Windows server container feature?    Best regards, Viktors
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  • How to scan c:\ ?

    Dear Snow Community!  I have executable located on C:\ and I would like to include that path in agent scan.  I tried to add   <Path recursive="1">C:\</Path> but unfortunately this do...
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  • Update pushes through SMACC working intermittently

    Dear specialists, I am having trouble regularly when pushing updates (agent or files) through the Inventory SMACC. Often, the push never starts and I have to recreate it, several times in a row in some cases, before...
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  • Is there a Snow Inventory agent for ESXi

    Is there a Snow inventory agent available to install on VMware ESXi hosts for software asset inventory purposes ?
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  • Java Licensing Changes

    With the upcoming Java 8 licensing changes Jan/Feb 2019, what are other companies doing to evaluate what needs to be licensed? In other words, how are you determining which Java apps are associated with which Parent A...
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  • Where are the serial number for Unix machine?

    Hi all, Hope you guys could help to share your view and expertise on this matter.   When verifying data from Snow Agent for Unix. I've noticed that there are no serial number being inventoried. Is there somet...
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  • Archiving device with Software showing installed

    Hi,  When a machine is Archived  then deleted but showing with software installed, will the software remove itself and report available/compliant again? Many thanks,  
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  • How to update (existing) snowagent.config via SMACC?

    Hi all, Step-by-step I'm learning more and more about the magic world of SNOW.  I'm now at the stage I want to change the configuration of existing agents. I've been reading the USerguide for Adminconsole, I ha...
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  • How do you get computers to show in SLM from another domain?

    We have the snow agent and configurations installed on a device that is in another one of our domains.   How do we get it to report in? We can see the agent collecting data from the machine.    The ag...
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  • Use of 3rd party desktop virtualization tools

    There are plenty of local virtualization tools out there running on a Windows desktop OS: Parallels, VMware Workstation, Hyper-V, Virtualbox ... For licensing reasons, it is necessary to know where the VMs run using...
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  • JSON files

    Hi Team,   The metering files JSON files which are collected in Data folder in along with SNOWPACK file, it sometime get disappear and sometime it reflect on data folder even after sending SNOWPACK to destinatio...
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