• How can I tell if an application is being used.

    How can I tell if an application is being used when run is 0 and often the last logged on user is 0 as well. Most of these applications are server apps and have services running (usually LocalSystem) but they never ap...
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  • Admin console Accessing Plugins error

    Hello Folks, I am facing issues having access SMACC admin console. we have copied the plugins in to another server it was accessing till yesterday but when I tried to access in this morning. Give me below error and I...
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  • Inventory data in dmz

    Hi.   We have number of servers in the DMZ that we want to recive inventory from. The problem however is that we do not want to open the firewall for every server to send data to our SNOW server. Instead I want ...
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  • Devices with agents - do they need device CAL licences?

    Hi, in theory, snow agent, installed on devices is causing access to Windows Server, where Snow Inventory resides. Trigers this need for device CAL licenses there or not please?
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  • Issue with SNOW agent under Linux

    I'm having a huge problem with the way the agent is installed under Linux. The problem is that the agent runs under root permissions.   Are we the only organisation that has an issue with this? Are there any kn...
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  • Will there be SAAS metering extension become available for the Edge browser too?

    Does anyone know if a SAAS metering extension will become available for the Edge browser like it is already available for IE11, Chrome and Firefox with the Snow Windows agent 5.3.0?   If so, when is this release...
  • how to inventory pc machine drivers that are installed on the pc

    how to inventory pc Machines drivers that are installed on the pc we whant to know wich drivers we have for exampel graphic and more Components drivers how can i scan this in snow ???? robban 
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  • Does anyone know if the version of Windows 10 (f.i. version 1709) is inventoried by SNOW?

    We are currently upgrading the Windows 10 version 1709 to a higher version. But we are lacking reporting on which machines it is already rolled out. Any experience to share is highly appreciated.
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  • Custom script in Linux/Unix etc. Is possible or not ?

    Hi to all, I read  some discussions about the availability of execute custom script in Windows environment. In other environtments, like Linux/HP UX/ etc... is possibile to execute (by agent) custom scripts (for ...
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  • detection of Access Runtime

    Hello, we have our own programmed tool with which the asset management is carried out. The tool is recognized correctly in the SLM. This tool is based on an old Access Runtime. Unfortunately Snow does not recognize ...
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  • MSIEXEC options agent 6

    Hi all, some of our engineers want to deploy the Snow Windows agent via SCCM or other way. They want to use MSIEXEC. Since we are using a template which need to be adapted for the customers, they need some commands to...
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  • SNOW Integration with Bigfix Inventory/ILMT

    Hi Team,   As we are aware that SNOW have connectors for Bifgix Inventory and ILMT can any one please help with the documentation for BigFix Inventory/ILMT integration with SNOW.   Also if not have the pro...
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  • How to deploy Snow Agents to every device?

    Hi community,   How does one install agents on to all machines in my company?   SCCM only works if it is installed on a device. But what if its not on every device? as is in our company. How do we account ...
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  • Minimum Requiremnets for Inventory 6 and SLM 9

    Hello,   Is there pdf or document which clarifiers minimum requirements for Inventory 6 and SLM 9.   What minimum version of SIM is required for Inventory 6 and SLM 9 ?   What minimum version of agen...
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  • Snow Agent Updates

    I'm trialling updating our snow agents via the inventory admin tool on inventory 5. if i create an update will it keep any custom scripts within the agent that snow have created previously e.g our autodesk licence key...
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  • What is scan-agentcleanup.snow-ps1

    Hello, I recently received a new windows 5.3.1 MSI agent with 5 scripts instead of the usual 4. What is scan-agentcleanup.snow-ps1 used for ?   Tom
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  • Cloud Application Metering

    Hi   We are looking at the potential of setting this up for our Snow configuration here.   The only documentation I can find is a technical description dated 02/05/2018   Is there an updated version ...
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  • Agent update not working

    I'm trying to update the snow agents on our clients.   I created an agent update on the Snow Inventory Manager. After stopping and starting the service on one of our clients the update is not installed on the c...
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  • Get historical hardware data from Inventory

    Is there a way to extract historical data about hardware changes from Snow Inventory?   For instance, I would like to see the changes in processors, number of processors and number of core on a virtual server th...
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  • How does Snow differ between an installation of IntelliJ IDEA 201x Community Edition and an installation of IntelliJ IDEA 201x Ultimate Edition (both on Windows Clients)?

    How does Snow differ between an installation of IntelliJ IDEA 201x Community Edition and an installation of IntelliJ IDEA 201x Ultimate Edition (both on Windows Clients)?
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