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Click to view contentI'm sure I'm missing the obvious, but could someone point me in the direction of how to record an agreement which spans multiple years please. I can see that you can add the agreement, then add a second and 3rd agreement date, but I need to record the Purchase Order number, Cost Centre and Cost details against the second and 3rd year (which… (Show more)
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Craig Moss
Hello Snow and fellow SAM people,   As many of you have probably encountered before, SLM has a tendancy to report left over registry entries as installed applications. This is a real pain as it pretty much prevents me from getting an accurate reading of installs and without manually diving into each computer record and looking at the identified… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
Hello Community,    is there some way how to check who is logged in web portal in current moment? Maybe from IIS logs, but I am not 100% sure how. So if you have some suggestion or script which takes data from IIS logs.      Thanks  Br, 
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Click to view contentToday we found an issue with our SLM8 server where the C: appears to be filling up with Chunk files. Has anyone else come across this? File location is C:\ProgramData\SnowSoftware\LicenseManager\EventStore\Database\     Looking at the date of the files this started happening back in June 2017, we now have 11GB's worth of them. I have just… (Show more)
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Hi All   Obviously you can export the SLM user login audit information via the SLM SMACC tool, but I wanted a way to do this simply via SLM reporting so that we could provide this information automatically to the CISO to provide evidence of our data compliance. My DB wizard created a simple SQL script, which when executed on the SNOW DB server… (Show more)
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Hi  We are not able to get correct graph for active users or overview that for office 365 from last three months or probably after SLM upgrade to 9 graph seems stable for 3 months need to know the issue and its resolution #Thomas Sautelle
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That is a question for real SLM experts: Does SLM take into account the movement of Windows Server VMs between hosts of a small cluster licensed with Windows Server Standard?   Context: Ideally, a small cluster of 2 or 3 hosts with a dozen of VMs is easily licensed with Win Svr Std licenses. Since Win Server Std licenses do not include license… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi,   Can anyone suggest how to add a single identifier AD Group with two or more applications.   Thanks, Manoj Sethi 
in Snow License Manager
There are instances where our SAM team will need to track software that has been designated "no license required". What is the best way to track software that has a license setting of " no license required"?
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Hello,   I ws wondering if there is a SQL report that connects all software scanned by our snow agents with the lisences that we have used for it. We want to have an overview of all software that is scanned and afther eatch line the license id that we have used/assigned to it.   Hope someone can help me with this. Many thanks in advance?   Br… (Show more)
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