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I know we can get the VMWare ESX serial numbers from the DataCenter / VMWare ESX Servers report. But are the VMWare Workstation serial numbers available from some other report? Custom SQL report?   I need to verify our licensing by serial to assign correctly and want to use the VMware serial number.     Thanks, 
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Hi,   We have been trying to import a 'pre-recognized' application using SnowXML via the Snow Integration Manager.  Whilst we can see the imported application in the Inventory SMACC, we were not able to get the application to appear in SLM.  We had a ticket open with Snow Support about this.   To get this to work, Snow Support tell us that we… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
Hi,   Are there any Snow users experiencing problems when adding in licenses for but not limited to Windows Server 2019 Datacenter and Windows Server 2019 Standard?   The problem we are experiencing is that you add a license against either of these applications and then a few days later, the application name and manufacturer disappears from the… (Show more)
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Hello,   Is it possible make use of SLM or SMACC to get the correct name of an APP and also the metric given a list of part numbers?   I've a thousand licenses to be added in SNOW using the bulk import solution, but I would like to verify if the metric and app name are the ones that Snow recommends. I know I could check this by searching one by… (Show more)
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When cleaning up the stack of unassigned software in SMACC, we found out that most of the supporting applications of vendor bundles and suites are not assigned by SRS. These are helper-tools, migration tools, add-ons, registry keys, ... As customer I cannot decide either to hide them or to define an application with licensing effects. I cannot… (Show more)
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Click to view contentThe gradual rollout continues and Snow is pleased to announce Snow License Manager 9.0.0 is now released to the European market. In two weeks’ time, February 5, the product will pass General Availability (GA) and be made available for customers and partners in all regions.  Snow has endeavored to deliver a smooth upgrade process for this new… (Show more)
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Hi, Since SNOW agent requires JAVA JRE , do we have to license the JRE for every SNOW agent ? or the inventoried device need to have JRE and then we wont require a JRE license with SNOW agent ?   Regards, Nishant Dhyani
in Snow License Manager
All,   If we rename a machine and it has all the same identifiers e.g. S/N, manufacture. the only way is to change the SID. What is the easiest way to complete this with out using sysprep?   James
in Snow License Manager
Hello,   There are many applications which comes with Base OS such as telnet, ftp, also AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1 are base OS. The VIO servers are having customized OS and we do not install any software's on it. As it is customized OS from IBM it is identical on all the VIO servers in our setup.   Want to know how applications identify.   Thanks,… (Show more)
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 I understand that SLM 9 will be released soon. Do you have any news on what changes/additions that can be expected with the new release.   Regards
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