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Click to view contentWe have a product  "XYZ" and purchased multiple license types Node locked and concurrent (floating) licenses. Creating floating license for XYZ application: When I want to add "XYZ" floating license in snow - metric is not showing    So I went to the "XYZ" application edit tab and selected concurrent device and saved. finally I have created… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
I want to add some servers which don't have an agent. Also a manual scan is not possible.
in Snow License Manager
Click to view contentHi!   We have an issue with VMware connector - some virtual machines are not marked as "Inventoried", but actually have an installed agent:   DCC and clusters section: All computers section:   Only one machine is mapped successfully. How I can get a correct mapping?   SLM: Version 8.3 Revision 04 Build 6851 SIM: 5.12.0 (1545)   Regards,… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
On Monday Snow updated the Snow Update Service itself. Since Tuesday we now have a lot of applications that are not recognized correctly any more. For example a lot of SQL Server editions are not recognized, SQL Server 2016 Enterprise, SQL Server 2012 EnterpriseSQL Server 2008 R2 Standard, SQL Server 2005 Standard but also a lot of other… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
Dear All,   When checking from the "Datacenter and Cluster" menu on SLM, I noticed that there is a cluster with its member were missing, not match with what I see from vCenter. I have tried to agregate the SIM connector however until now still doesnt give an expected result. The hosts member cluster still not listed from SLM, neither on Computer… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
Hi, I have an issue with Snow reporting back correct install information for Exchange and the server OS.   A few weeks back I found out that Snow was mis-reporting on some Server OS installs, this was raised with my service provider and apparently being raised with Snow.   Today I have discovered that Snow is failing to report the correct number… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
Click to view contentWe are getting some VMs without hosts in SNOW. We have checked with VMware team that all the VMs are showing up and running and they also shared the associated hosts details for all VMs. Please refer below image, there is a tab under host machine in SLM called "inventoried" so when we check all virtual machines associated to that host then we… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
Has anyone ever gotten an error in SLM that says "Input string was not in a correct format"? I am seeing this error when trying to "Save" a new license record.
in Snow License Manager
Hi Team, #I have Questions on IBM SLM  1. We have Integration placed in BFI/ILMT & Snow,  I would like to confirm, does snow produce the IBM capacity reports like SUB capacity &  full capacity??   2. Please help me to understand the available reports in Snow which can help in Managing IBM License??   Your help will be appreciated.   Thanks!!!… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
I have downloaded the IBM licenses details from Passport Advantage, and trying to upload them to SNOW using the License Import function and the license import template, refering to the SKU as main fields.   For all the products I get the same error message "Metric is not in the same group as preffered metric of this application", but I am sure… (Show more)
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