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Click to view contentHi all, few of our virtual servers are listet as "not inventoried" in DC section...   ...although the virtual servers themselves are inventoried and also shown in computer list (without information of physical host/cluster):   I already deleted them in SMACC and SLM, but they still don't find their matching counterpart in DC section.   Any… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
Has anyone made an experience like this? We are on SLM 9.1.0.   We make perpetual snapshots of our application portfolio (installation >0). Since last snapshot we see a decrease of 20%. A comparision leads us to certain applications, which have no hit on the rules.   The phenomonon: 1. Creating a copy of SRS driven applications and editing… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
We have entered perpetual licenses with maintenance into Snow, but now the maintenance has expired.    The maintenance on those licenses has now been renewed, and includes upgrading the existing license to the most to to date version. But how do I handle changing these licenses?   Do I need to remove the expired maintenance from the previous… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI have an application Microsoft System CLR types for SQL server 2012 installed in many machines but it will not show up in SLM. I have created a filter in snow inventory on the server to check all application names, software path name, software version and can see that CLR is captured by the agent but does not show up in SLM (refer attached… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
Hi,   We have a Snow Gateway, which is running perfectly   Agents can report into it and the details appear in our master sever. However, the Gateway is not updating.  We'd like to get this fixed so that it can stay in sync with our master server.   I notice that in the SMACC on the master server, we have an "Update service root folder"… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
Click to view contentThe Snow update service shows there are three available updates, but throws below error when trying to upgrade.    
in Snow License Manager
Hi All,   Can we change the type of email notification from html to plain text. As when I'm trying to create an incident for notified email in ServiceNow, we are getting the html coding along with the email. Which is not looking feasible for our end user.   Thanks, Geeta
in Snow License Manager
My organization is working on the compliance of various software and have same across an issue with the way Snow is calculating compliance. For example one of the applications is Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. This license allows for the user to have the software installed on two devices. Snow is calculating the compliance based on installs even if one… (Show more)
in Snow License Manager
We add a new agreement period each year for support agreements yet SNOW doesn't seem to consider that there is a future agreement period added and includes these agreements in the 'expiring in the next 60 days' report.  In essence it isn't expiring but the current period is.  Why does SNOW not recognise there is a future period? Do other customers… (Show more)
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