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Release information

Product:                             Snow License Manager

New version:                      8.0.09  

Distribution:                       SUS and Setup package 

Build no                              # 6227

Revision                              # 291

Current status:                  Released


The following defects have been corrected in Snow License Manager 8.0.09:

  • Running compliance service should not raise timeout errors (PR0001299)
  • Missing headers in scheduled custom report export files are now visible (PR0001359)
  • The data update job no longer throws an error when user deletion settings in Quarantine Managementare active (PR0001305)
  • Default connection to the SLM database in Snow Management and Configuration Centre (SMaCC) is now editable in SMaCC (PR0001240)
  • Metering information for all applications is now transferred over to SLM, when metering view in Inventory 3 and Inventory 5 can provide this information (PR0001406)
  • Manual resetting of computers/users that are assigned to non-existent organization checksums following an edit on the organization node is no longer required (PR0001280)

We are delighted to announce the official release of Snow License Manager 8.0.08:


Released December 12
Release information
Product: Snow License Manager
New version: 8.0.08
Release date: December 12, 2016
Distribution: SUS and Setup package
Build no #6177
Revision #279
Current status: Released


The following enhancements have been introduced in Snow License Manager 8.0.08:
- Additional User properties available in the Computers Web API:
- Added MostFrequentUserId property to help identify a user’s primary devices


The following defects have been corrected in Snow License Manager 8.0.08:
- When assigning a user to an organizational unit, the user’s most recent login should always take
precedence. This is now the case, even if users log on to a device that is outside of their own
domain, in another organization or business unit, for example (PR0001061).
- System users can no longer view archived computers without the correct organization access
- Right-clicking unassigned software rows in Snow Management and Configuration Center
(SMACC) and selecting hide no longer raises the “specified cast is not valid” error and now hides
the selected row (PR0001211).
- When the license metric for an application is set to be concurrent users/devices, this setting
needs to be manually input in SLM, otherwise the data update job (DUJ) fails. The manual
setting is no longer required (PR0001229).
- The new installations alert for all computers across the entire organization no longer fires for
users with limited organizational access (PR0001226).
- Unassigned software rows in Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC) are no
longer empty; they now hold the available information (PR0001294).


Snow License Manager Release Notes