Snow License Manager 8.0.09 - Official Release - January 23, 2017

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Jan 23, 2017

Release information

Product:                             Snow License Manager

New version:                      8.0.09  

Distribution:                       SUS and Setup package 

Build no                              # 6227

Revision                              # 291

Current status:                  Released


The following defects have been corrected in Snow License Manager 8.0.09:

  • Running compliance service should not raise timeout errors (PR0001299)
  • Missing headers in scheduled custom report export files are now visible (PR0001359)
  • The data update job no longer throws an error when user deletion settings in Quarantine Managementare active (PR0001305)
  • Default connection to the SLM database in Snow Management and Configuration Centre (SMaCC) is now editable in SMaCC (PR0001240)
  • Metering information for all applications is now transferred over to SLM, when metering view in Inventory 3 and Inventory 5 can provide this information (PR0001406)
  • Manual resetting of computers/users that are assigned to non-existent organization checksums following an edit on the organization node is no longer required (PR0001280)