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Snow License Manager is designed to reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with software assets and licensing. Thousands of organizations around the world rely on Snow License Manager to help them avoid overspending on software entitlements while ensuring that they are fully compliant with licensing rules.

Snow License Manager is the hub of Snow’s advanced Software Asset Management (SAM) platform – providing a unified view of all the software and hardware assets, license entitlements and application usage metrics.

Released April 20

Release information

Product:                             Snow License Manager

New version:                      8.0.11 

Distribution:                       SUS  

Release date:                     April 20, 2017

Build no                              # 6312

Revision                              # 308

Current status:                  Released


Enhancements in Snow License Manager 8.0.11

  • The SLM database has been enhanced to provide support for new features that will be available in future releases of Snow License Manager. Specifically, the enhancement will make End of Life/End of Support/End of Extended support data available in SLM8
  • The standard report ’’Discovered Oracle database installations ’’ now shows inventoried computers on which an Oracle database may be installed that are not managed by the Oracle Management Option (OMO)


Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.0.11

  • Devices tab now shows all devices irrespective of the license metric – devices or users – for TS-applications (PR0001222)
  • A group or bundle will now be flagged as virtual, if any or all of its components have the VT-prefix (PR0001242)
  • All available metering information for all applications is now transferred to SLM (PR0001406) Note: Inventory 5.1.4 is required for this solution to be applicable
  • The Microsoft SQL-Server hardware comparison report (depending on metric used) now shows licensed applications with the correct values for upgrade rights/downgrade rights and processors/processor-core metrics (PR0001448)
  • Navigating to the application family from the application view, no longer times-out for customers with large organizational structures(PR0001442)
  • Oracle data is now processed and presented correctly in Snow License Manager when multiple data sources are connected with the same CID (PR0001403)
  • SRS rules containing brackets can be used in both normal and Operating System (OS) software rows (PR0001416)
  • VM count in datacenter view is now correct – duplicates are no longer being counted for hosts and VMs that have different organization settings, and for hosts and VMs connected to different organizational nodes (PR0001301)
  • Computer import is now successful for SLM databases (SnowLicenseManager or Inventory DB) with a different collation to the SQL server (PR0001522)
  • Processing information for users logged in to several computers that belong to different sites no longer results in duplicate user entries in SLM (PR0001509)

Released April 6

Release information


Product:                             Snow License Manager

New version:                      8.0.10 

Release date:                     April 6, 2017

Distribution:                       SUS  

Build no                              # 6299

Revision                              # 296

Current status:                  Released


Enhancements in Snow License Manager 8.0.10

  • The SLM Web API has been enhanced to support new features in upcoming releases of Snow License Manager. New tables have been added to the SnowLicenseManager database as part of the groundwork for new features.

Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.0.10

  • Performance enhancements have been added to the step in the DUJ which calculates the number of concurrent users for software licensed based on this metric
  • Performance enhancements have been added to the step in the DUJ which refreshes alert messages. The time to complete this step in the DUJ was primarily affecting partner environments with multiple customers and System Users (PR0001208)
  • The DUJ core factor for Opteron processors is now calculated correctly – even with limited inventory data(PR0001466)
  • The core factor calculation for all physical computers has been improved so that core factors should now show up on the Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) report (PR0001318)
  • Import file and updating existing computers with metadata for custom fields no longer fails with timeout to SQL server (PR0001441)