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This version introduce various enhancements and corrections. Snow License Manager is the hub of Snow’s advanced Software Asset Management (SAM) platform – providing a unified view of all the software and hardware assets, license entitlements and application usage metrics.

Product:                          Snow License Manager

New version:                     8.1.1 

Release date:                    June 15, 2017

Distribution:                      SUS  

Build No:                           # 6372

Revision:                           # 312

Current status:                 Released



  • Compliance reports are now generated with deeper granularity of information, including how licenses have been allocated and used, what Product Use Rights (PURs) apply, and how the compliance value has been achieved:

    A. Standard reports
    - License compliance summary                    
    - License compliance per organization        
    - Potential software cost savings                

    B. Microsoft
    - Potential software cost savings                            
    - Compliance summary                                            
    - Compliance summary by application family

    C. Adobe
    - Potential software cost savings                              
    - Compliance Summary                                            
    - Compliance summary by application family

    D. IBM
    - Compliance summary                                            

    E. Red Hat
    - Red Hat Compliance Summary

  • A new Office 365 Snowboard widget Microsoft Office 365 user subscriptions activity of type Summaries is available to show a detailed breakdown of Office 365 subscriptions. The widget shows how many active compared to inactive users. Users are inactive if they have no activity, no recent activity, or no recent application activity. This view can be filtered by subscription plan by using the field "Filter by Subscription plan".
  • On the Office 365 user tab with an activity filter selected, only the columns relevant to the selected filter are now shown.
  • Alerts are now created for applications that are nearing End of Life, End of Support, or End of Extended support data. These alerts are displayed in the alert list on the default Snowboard, as well as on relevant overview pages.
  • A new column is available for the All applications report to highlight applications that are nearing End of Life, End of Support, or End of Extended support data.


  • For a given server, the number of Oracle database instances listed under the Oracle tab now matches the number of databases listed in the All Oracle Databases per server report (PRB0040561)
  • The Application per computer report now shows the expected results when the user selects Application Type as a search criteria (PRB0040501)
  • Error no longer occurs when moving an organization node, following the saving of a report with multiple organizations that includes organizational restrictions (PRB0040377)
  • Compliance no longer fails due to timeout errors for SQL commands (PRB0040088)
  • Generating CIDC reports now supports Snow Inventory 5 data structure (PRB0040241)
  • The All computers report is now correctly populated when Purchase date, has no value is selected as a search criteria (PRB0040076)
  • Alerts list now manages expired agreements, as expected, showing only agreements with an expired period (no longer shows agreements that are active) (PRB0040613)
  • Performance improvement to DUJ step CORE_FACTORS_COMPUTERS_UPDATE (PRB0040616)
    Note: This improvement will log the CID value as NULL for DUJ procedure step       CORE_FACTORS_COMPUTERS_UPDATE in tblJobLog which is expected behavior
  • Issues related to memory leaks and releasing of memory following compliance calculations for customers with large organizational structures have been fixed (PRB0040638).
  • Editing sub-agreements of a master agreement now redirects to the correct reference link for the sub-agreement (PRB0040337)



  • Upgrade from SLM 8.1 to SLM 8.1.1 will trigger an application error in SLM Web Error log, however this doesn’t affect the Web application functionality. An automatic workaround will force IIS to restart the Web application.
  • Custom compare value metric using a custom field for compliance results in incorrect compliance calculation. The suggested workaround is to assign more than one custom field.