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This version introduce the fix for the Critical issues:

  • Manual connection between Agreements and computers that users have added to the system will not be lost when the DUJ runs
  • The new licensing rules that Microsoft added for Windows Sever 2016 will no longer apply to processor metric when calculating the license requirements 

Release information

Product:                            Snow License Manager
New version:                     8.2.3 
Release date:                    November 17, 2017
Distribution:                      SUS  
Build No:                           # 337
Revision:                           # 6529
Current status:                 Released


Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.2.3:

  • Manual connection between Agreements and computers that users have added to the system will not be lost when the DUJ runs (PRB0041253)
  • The new licensing rules that Microsoft added for Windows Sever 2016 will no longer apply to processor metric when calculating the license requirements (PRB0041242)



We have stopped availability on SUS, the 8.2.2 release has been withdrawn and replaced with the 8.2.3 release. The upgrade path is now from 8.2.1 directly to 8.2.3. 


Release information

Product:                           Snow License Manager
New version:                     8.2.2
Distribution:                      SUS
Build No:                           # 6512
Revision:                           # 330
Current status:                Released

Enhancements in Snow License Manager 8.2.2:

  • A new tab – Subscription plan – has been added to the User details view, which displays all Office 365 subscriptions assigned to the user.
  • The Compliance calculator can be configured to run in parallel batches, which requires additional memory allocation, but can significantly improve performance (see Compliance Calculation Engine for more information) (PRB0040132).
  • A new license type 'Limited Use Other' has been added to Oracle orders to enable the addition of licenses with non-standard conditions (applicable to Oracle Management Option customers).
  • Enhanced the Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) by:
    • Adding a new field ‘Datacenter name’, to show the datacenter a server resides in, where applicable, and is blank otherwise.
    • Enabling computer custom fields to be shown.
  • Enhanced compliance summary reports (standard and vendor specific) by:
    • Adding a new column ‘Total licenses’ as a default in the report, which displays the number of valid licenses (licenses purchased that are not incomplete nor expired).
    • Displaying the ‘Available licenses’ column by default.
    • Adding a new field ‘Active upgrade rights’, which shows the quantity of licenses with upgrade rights based on an active maintenance period. Shown in the Microsoft compliance summary report by default and as a column selector for all other compliance Summary reports.
  • The performance of the License tracking per computer and Unused applications per computer reports has been improved for environments with over 40,000 units.
  • A timestamp has been added to the Office 365 pages indicating the last time the Office 365 Connector updated the data.
  • Enhanced License assignment search for licenses using the Computer/DCC assignment type:
    • By default, search results are filtered on the use rights (such as upgrade, downgrade, cross edition, and cross platform) that have been added to the license. A new checkbox ignore use rights under More optionsenables the user to disable this behavior.
    • Using the new checkbox, running Show only machines requiring a license will result in a list of all machines that require a license, not just the specific version and edition of the license.

Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.2.2:

  • Removing properties associated with an Object now works as expected – the incorrect error window no longer pops up (PRB0040188).
  • Making changes to several fields on the tabs within the edit license page no longer unchecks the Downgrade rights checkbox on the Purchase tab (PRB0040344, PRB0040290).
  • Microsoft designates unrenewed Office 365 subscriptions as valid for a grace period (typically 30 days), during which users can continue to access the services included in the subscription. Snow License Manager includes expired subscriptions in the quantities Available and Total shown on the Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions page. To show the number of unrenewed subscriptions for each plan, a new column, Expiring, has been added (PRB0040895).
  • Performance of the organization auto-allocation rules in the Data Update Job has been improved for environments with complex organization trees (PRB0040510).
  • Clicking the View Data link on the Most common computer manufacturers widget now navigates to the correct report (PRB0040282).
  • The compliance calculation of Licenses using a Custom Compare Value metric will now move any surplus licenses to the highest version applicable (PRB0040155).
  • Pressing ‘Enter’ twice on edit license no longer deletes the license, the interface now prompts the user to save the license (PRB0040068).
  • The field Processors has been renamed to Host processors and Processor cores to Total cores (PRB0040407).
  • The auto-connect rule According to used computer, now assigns users to the organizational unit of the last non-server (laptop/desktop) they logged onto. Users that have only signed on to servers will be assigned to the root node of the organization tree (PRB0040683).
  • The time it takes to load the User details page has been reduced across all environments – this improvement will be notable when viewing users with many related applications or licenses.
  • The Applications tab of the application family page no longer shows one row for the number of Installations and one for the number of Installations (VM), these values are now shown in a single row
  • The time it takes for the Stock-keeping unit (SKU) drop-down menu on the edit license page to load has been reduced significantly (PRB0040689).
  • Changes made to the metric of an application prior to license import and inventory, will persist after the Data Update Job is run (PRB0040679).
  • Missing mobile device data due to an incompatibility with Snow Inventory 5 has been rectified so that device information now displays correctly in Snow License Manager (PRB0040814, PRB0040677).
  • The Invoice reference field is no longer overridden when multi-editing computers (PRB0040470).
  • When multiple versions of an application are installed on a machine, and the setting "Allow simultaneous multiple versions" is enabled, the license requirement now correctly applies to the highest version installed and is deducted from any lower versions (PRB0040301).
  • The Compliance overview per organization report now correctly shows licenses based on upgrade rights when no installation of the top-level application exists in the estate (PRB0040376).
  • All computers with the CentOS or Debian operating system are now flagged as servers (PRB0040497).
  • Application of software-recognition rules now supports weekly processing of Snow Inventory data (PRB0040830).
  • The information displayed by the Computer types graph, the widget that can be added to a Snowboard, and the widget on the Computers overview page is now consistent (PRB0040704).
  • For environments with devices, the time to group device applications during the Data Update Job has been reduced (PRB0040835).
  • User logins to multiple computers for computers residing in different Snow Inventory sites are no longer consolidated to a single computer, they are now shown on the computer where the login occurred (PRB0040893).
  • The time to update users in the Data Update Job when deletion of quarantined user is enabled has been reduced. This improvement is more notable as the number of users being deleted rises (PRB0040890).
  • CIDC report now exports correctly (PRB0040906).
  • The Most Frequent Manufacturers widget on the Partner Overview page no longer times out (PRB0040897).
  • Computer details page now opens correctly when fields displayed on the page contain special characters (PRB0040797).
  • Active Directory user data now transfers from Snow Inventory 5 correctly (PRB0040695).
  • The AD group field on the Software Store tab now supports group identifiers with up to 64 characters (PRB0040915).
  • Minutes have been added to date/time fields in reports (PRB0040185).
  • Virtual Machines on the Virtual Machine tab of the Datacenters and Clusters details page now correctly displays the machine’s operating system and not that of the host (PRB0040873).
  • Saving an application with the Downgrade rights path setting specified no longer causes the Downgrade rights path to be reset to All (PRB0040217).
  • The violation of primary key error occurring in the Data Update Job due to processing of pre-recognized software from Snow Inventory no longer occurs (PRB0040998).
  • Users with multiple Office 365 accounts with the same Full name no longer cause the Office 365 service to crash (PRB0041050).
  • Agreements with a valid agreement period are no longer showing as expired when a previous (older) agreement period has been added after the valid period (PRB0041021).