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SLM Product Update

This new update version includes various enhancements and corrections.

The gradual deployment model will not be applied for this release of Snow License Manager.


Release information

Product:                            Snow License Manager
New version:                     8.2.5 
Release date:                   February 6, 2018
Distribution:                      SUS  

Build Number:                  6610

Revision number:             347
Current status:                 Released

Enhancements in Snow License Manager 8.2.5:


  • Assignment tracking enables users to enter meta-data to license assignments, including the date and a text comment where the user can enter a description why the license assignment has been added, changed, or removed. Visualization and management of tracking is available to sys admins under the Administration panel, where a new capability – License assignment tracking – has been added to show the license assignment meta-data and enable tracking to be activated/deactivated. 
  • An existing Snow License Manager platform can now be updated to run on SQL Server 2017 (support to install Snow License Manager on SQL 2017 will be included in an upcoming release).
  • The Microsoft Office 365 user activities pane has been redesigned based on customer feedback. The pane has been simplified to improve visualization of subscription-plan data, providing more granular information about utilization of the applications included. The information shown provides clear starting points for further investigation into potential license re-harvesting and subscription optimization.
  • An additional method for user linking for Microsoft Office 365 has been added to complement the existing AD user discovery and e-mail address imports. A new view, which shows suggestions for users that can be linked in the Office 365, has been introduced and is accessible via the information rail shown when less than 80% of users are linked.

Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.2.5:

  • Browsing applications under the Software tab in Snow Management and Configuration Center (Snow MACC) no longer throws an error and results shown are as expected. (PRB0040297)
  • When a new column Application Family is added to the application box under application definitions in Snow MACC, the correct name of the application family is now shown. (PRB0040367)
  • Users can now input e-mail addresses longer than 20 characters in customer contact information tab in Snow MACC. These e-mail addresses are saved and displayed correctly. (PRB0040024)
  • When trying to validate an unassigned inventory software row in Snow MACC now columns validated date and validated by are updated with correct value. (PRB0040023)
  • Enabled setting User must change password at next login for new created account in Snow MACC will trigger the popup box at next login with message ‘’The user’s password must be changed before logging on the first page’’. (PRB0040092)
  • Error message now correctly describes the problem on import of an invalid MLS file in Snow MACC. (PRB0040648)
  • Editing a license no longer causes the pre-set maintenance and support dates for the license to be updated. (PRB0040097, PRB0040409)
  • Custom fields created in the web interface with a mandatory value, can be assigned with new value, and now can be modified back to the original value. (PRB0040026)
  • Administrative task "My Notifications" under the Administration panel now supports multiple email address entries where input data are separated by comma or semicolon. (PRB0040825)
  •  The SKU recognition table has been expanded with the SKUs for several Microsoft Office -365 applications, including Exchange Standard, Visio Client, and Enterprise with CAL. (PRB0041196)
  • Snow License Manager API users can now navigate correctly to access the Computer tab. (PRB0041244)
  • The correct number of expiring or expired agreements is presented at Alert list widget on the Snow License Manager Snowboard. (PRB0041298)
  • All Oracle database servers report now shows the correct value for the total number of cores. (PRB0041295)
  • Unassigned software rows on the Application tab in SMACC can now be hidden. (PRB0040551)
  • Devices (inventoried or not) with auto-connect rules are now assigned to the correct Organization node according to the hostname.(PRB0041275)
  • The message "Changed" is now shown in the Action log file when a custom field has been edited in Snow License Manager. (PRB0041308)
  • Organization restrictions are applied as expected to sites (legal entities), so that it is no longer possible to assign licenses to other sites with same name strings. (PRB0041321)
  • Stability improvement of Office365 connector (PRB0041332)


This new update version includes few corrections.


Release Information

Product:                 Snow License Manager
New version:          8.2.6
Release date:         February 16, 2018
Distribution:            SUS
Build Number:         6621
Revision number:    348
Current status:        Released

Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.2.6:

  • Product use rights are now applied correctly when a license is added or edit by searching for it by SKU. In addition, support has added to correctly populate the cross platform and cross edition rights based on the SKU data. 
  • Inconsistent license data is no longer causing issues with Office 365 historical data. Processing is now carried our correctly by Office 365 service and data displays as expected. (PRB0041468)