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SLM Product update

This version introduce various improvement including the Oracle Management Option consolidation and few corrections.


Release Information

ProductSnow License Manager
New version8.2.7
Release DateMarch 7, 2018
Build No:6634
Revision No354
Current StatusReleased

Enhancements in Snow License Manager 8.2.7


  • A new report – Microsoft Office 365 user who may be double licensed – has been added to highlight users who are assigned with perpetual license for Office 365 ProPlus and who have also been assigned with a subscription that includes Office 365 ProPlus. This report provides a good starting point to remove unnecessary double licensing.
  • A new report – Microsoft Office 365 E3 or E4 to E1 optimization – has been added to highlight users assigned with an E3 or E4 plan who have not used any of the Office Pro Plus components, on any of their inventoried devices, for at least 90 days. This report provides a good starting point to identify users that might be moved to a less expensive E1 plan.
  • For Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, for which usage is not measured, such as Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security E3, N/A now appears in the Activity column on the main user activity view. Selecting the name of the plan navigates to full users view – note the Activity column will not display (expected behavior) here. 
  • A new capability – Inventory sources – has been added to the Enterprise and Service Provider Edition of Snow License Manager (SLM). Available under the Administration panel, this capability shows Inventory sources configured in Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC). It provides sys admins with information about inventory source configurations per Inventory database and Inventory site. Warnings highlight if your system is gathering data twice from the same database and overlapping site names are highlighted.
  • Subscription plans tab in user details have been enhanced by:
    - The addition of a new column – Active last – which displays the number of days (7, 30, 90, 180, 365, more than 365, or no activity) since the user last used a component of their subscription
    - Navigating directly to the Subscription plans tab of the user details page when the user’s username is selected.
  • A new API endpoint for applications per user has been implemented to support export of data to TopDesk.
  • Oracle Management Option consolidation

    A new menu item – Enterprise – has been added to the Snow License Manager (SLM) interface, which is visible to customers and partners with an Oracle Management Option (OMO) license or Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software.

    All Oracle information is now available on the Oracle overview page under the Enterprise menu. For this release, old menu items providing access to information about the Oracle estate will remain – however, they will be removed and permanently replaced by the Oracle overview page in an upcoming release.

    The purpose of this new menu item is to ease the management of Oracle by consolidating the information available into one space.

    Oracle features include:

    • Recommendations – the overview page shows, for example, computers that are no longer reporting in, Oracle databases discovered in soft-partitioned environments, and non-inventoried devices that could be running Oracle software. The purpose of this view is to provide a starting point for optimization of your Oracle estate.
    • Environment overview of discovered computers, computers discovered with Oracle databases, and computers inventoried by Oracle Management. The purpose of this graph is to provide a graphical representation of potential risk in your Oracle estate.
    • All Oracle reporting available under the Reports tab in the Oracle overview, including new report types to highlight Oracle databases in soft-partitioned environments: Oracle databases running in a soft partitioned environment and Computers with Oracle database inventory installed that are no longer reporting in. 

    • List of Oracle database editions installed in the Oracle estate, and the number of instances of each. A deep dive view shows all instances, which can be filtered according to Options, Management packs, or Versions.

Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.2.7


  • The Top number of agreements per agreement type widget on the Agreements overview page shows the top 5 agreement types. If several agreement types have the same count (shown in parenthesis) then the first, by alphabetical order will be displayed.
  • When computers that are also devices are deleted or archived, the link between a device and computer will also be broken, and the user will be prompted to delete the device as well (PRB0040567, PRB0040590).
  • The list of Unassigned Inventoried Software rows in Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC) is no longer be truncated, and now shows the complete list of unassigned inventoried software rows (PRB0040449)
  • Roles can now be correctly edited in Snow Management and Configuration Center (SMACC) and user records are updated as expected. (PRB0041299).
  • When creating Custom fields under the Administration panel, the Name field is now restricted to 50 characters and the Description field to 128 characters. (PRB0041096).
  • The search filter on the Search for applications page has been enhanced to support:
    - %text – shows values that end with 'text'
    - text% – shows values that start with 'text'
    - %text% –shows values that contain 'text'
    - Searching using 'like' and inputting 'text' without '%' will provide exact match for 'text'.