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Release Information


ProductSnow License Manager
New version:8.3.1
Distribution:SUS package
Current Status:Released


Enhancements in Snow License Manager 8.3.1


 Oracle functionality consolidation

All features and capabilities related to Oracle products have now been consolidated under the Oracle overview page accessible from the Enterprise menu item. Navigation to Oracle functionality has been moved, but the features and capabilities remain unchanged. Minor modifications have been made to the user interface to align the way Oracle data is presented with data presentation in the rest of the product.

Search and archive

The Search for applications and Search for computers functions have been simplified to reduce the number of user clicks. As shown in Figure 1, the filtering on Organisationremains unchanged, but only a single default filter is now presented to the user, enabling search results to be refined on user input application/computer name. Users can select additional filters by selecting the green plus sign to further refine search results, by, for example, selecting BIOS date and domain name (for computer searches) or license required and is bundle for applications.

Reports directly in overview for Office 365

A reports tab has been added to the Microsoft Office 365 overview, enabling users to access reports without having to switch to the Reports view.

Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.3.1

  • The Show Applications hyperlink is again visible under the Financial info tab for computers with licensed applications installed for which costs have been added (PRB0041456).
  • To calculate the license requirement for a SQL server instance deployed on a virtual server, the total number of resources – virtual processors and virtual cores – allocated to the virtual server needs to be determined. The data to calculate the total number of resources available is available under the Hardware tab for the virtual server. The result of multiplying the value for Number of Processors by the value shown for Cores per processor is consistent with the Virtual Processors Count total provided by the Clean Inventory Data Contract (CIDC) (PRB0040781).
  • SMTP user passwords are now hashed, so that and no longer presented in clear text in the Snow Management and Configuration Center (Snow MACC) (PRB0041576).
  • When an application is set for re-harvesting, and is then removed from the Software store, it will no longer be listed for re-harvesting (PRB0041594).
  • Object search results no longer truncates the number of hits to 1,000 records – all search results are now displayed (PRB0041317).
  • The criteria Assignment Type is now supported in the All Licenses report (PRB0041422).
  • The Alert list on the default Snowboard panel no longer causes time out or cannot load – all alerts are now shown, as expected (PRB0041667).
  • When an application is installed on a single computer is removed, either through an uninstall or because the computer has been deleted, the license requirement and compliance values for the application are cleared correctly by running the compliance service (PRB0041647).
  • It is now possible to view Computers or datacenters details when the compliance service is running – the timeout error “An error occurred on this page!” no longer occurs (PRB0041355).
  • In Compliance Summary reports for applications licensed per installation, the value for initial requirement no longer differs from the value for initial requirement shown under the Compliance tab for the application (PRB0041652).
  • The maximum number of characters have been changed for following Oracle order fields:
  • Oracle Master Agreement (OMO), Oracle License and Services Agreement (OLSA) reference can now accommodate 255 characters
  • Ordered by Contact-> 100 characters
  • Vendor/contractor Name 50 -> 100 characters
  • Customers with a large number of custom fields and system users have been experiencing lengthy run times for system maintenance (Data Update Job) due to how these were being processed. In this release, processing has been optimized, and so these customers will experience a reduction in the time it takes for system maintenance to complete (PRB0041385).


Please find Release Notes here


ProductSnow License Manager
New version:8.3.1
Distribution:SUS package
Current Status:QA approved
Due to release:June 7, 2018


Snow License Manager 8.3.1 is due for release on June 7, 2018.

We will update you here.