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Release Information

Product:                            Snow License Manager
New version:                     8.3.5
Build No:                           6886
Revision No:                     392
Distribution:                     SUS  package
Current status:                 Released

Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.3.5:


  • Adding or deleting blacklist items no longer causes the browser to hang in environments with many blacklists, large numbers of computers, and many applications that would be affected by the change (PRB0041960).

  • Language selection for the web user interface no longer switches to English when using Windows authentication (PRB0041453).

  • Importing Site licenses now covers all instances of the application in the site and not just a single instance (PRB0041948).

  • Invoice reference numbers are no longer represented as integers with comma separations, but as a string (PRB0041414).

  • If a scheduled compliance service cannot access the Snow License Manager database, such as when daily maintenance is running, a timeout error is no longer raised. The compliance service now waits instead for the database to become available (PRB0042007).

  • If user data is set to be anonymized, username and computer information shown when the down arrow to the left of the application name in the Applications tab is selected, is now also anonymized (PRB0042041).

  • When creating custom compare values, the name field is now limited to 20 characters. The error message, An error occurred on the page!, no longer arises due to the stricter input validation (PRB0042008).

  • E-mail notifications for agreements, for example, are now only sent out once when the notification criteria are met (PRB0041779).

  • Archiving computers now works correctly irrespective of interface language selected (PRB0042029).

  • Listing all mobile devices and exporting the result now includes all list columns in the target file (PRB0040662).

  • Performance issues arising when adding or modifying whitelist criteria have been addressed to reduce the time it takes to apply the changes. This issue typically affects environments with many whitelists, large numbers of computers, and many applications that would be affected by the change (PRB0041962).