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Released December 13

Release information

Product:                             Snow License Manager

New version:                     8.3.6

Build No:                           6918

Revision No:                     394

Distribution:                     SUS  package

Current status:                 Released



Enhancements in Snow License Manager 8.3.6: 


Enriched dataset

To enrich the dataset that can be used by other products, such as Snow for ServiceNow, additional data about software installations is extracted by Snow Integration Manager from Snow License Manager. This data includes install date of the software, date-and-time first and last used, the number of times the software is used (runs), average usage time, usage in minutes, and by what user.

Performance enabler

Bulk-optimized endpoints have been added to Snow License Manager API to support the enriched dataset for ITSM connectors. Fetching data from these dedicated endpoints should be significantly faster than through public API endpoints, as just the necessary data for ITSM integration is transferred. The addition of bulk endpoints should in turn reduce the load on the Snow License Manager web server and database. 

Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.3.6:

  • In certain scenarios, the time to load the default dashboard widget Most used applications (avg. minutes) for users running Snow License Manager on partner platforms has resulted in timeout errors for all users logged into the platform. Performance enhancements have been implemented to ensure the widget loads correctly and timeouts no longer occur (PRB0041874).
  • Extra error management to handle SAP-supported zero date formats (0000-00-00 and 0) has been added to the SAP import feature (PRB0040801).
  • The Type column of the Application installation history report now shows applications that have been uninstalled from a machine as Removed (PRB0041835).
  • Additional error handling prevents the graphical interface overflow error from occurring in Snow Management and Configuration Center when trying to Preview a newly-created software recognition rule. In preference to error-prone manual processes, we recommend our automated Software Recognition Service as best practice for the creation of software recognition rules. (PRB0041591).
  • The dashboard widgets Most installed computer operating systems (number of computers) and Most installed mobile operating systems (number of devices) are now labeled correctly in the Swedish language version (PRB0041668).
  • In Service Provider Edition, step 13 of the Data Update Job no longer waits indefinitely for resources when data processing has completed successfully for all customers on the platform. This issue has been resolved so that it is no longer necessary to perform a manual stop on the Data Update Job processes to ensure completion of all steps (PRB0042036).
  • An issue introduced in Snow License Manager 8.3.5 relating to the disappearance of the list of whitelisted applications has been rectified so that the list persists following the Data Update Job run (PRB0042065).
  • If Access to view software usage data is disabled for a user (managed through Snow Management and Configuration Center), the Last Used column no longer displays in Snow License Manager reports and tables, supporting organizations to adhere to data protection regulations.

Oracle Management Option corrections in Snow License Manager 8.3.6:

  • On the Oracle overview page, the numbers shown for inventoried Oracle computers (green column of the graph) are now correct (PRB0041694).
  • Case sensitivity for usernames in Oracle is now supported (PRB0041589).
  • When a user creates a new Oracle order with Database Enterprise Management or Enterprise Edition Options selected as the product, runs All Oracle orders report, and selects an order in the report; instead of an error page, the order details now display correctly (PRB0041950).
  • Loading issues with the Oracle overview page that result in Snow License Manager displaying the application error page have been resolved so that the overview loads correctly (PRB0042037).