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The gradual rollout continues. Europe was first out on January 16 and Snow is pleased to announce Snow License Manager 9.0.0 is, from February 5, released also to the American markets. On March 5, SLM 9 will pass General Availability (GA) and be made available for customers and partners in all regions.


Snow has endeavored to deliver a smooth upgrade process for this new major. Comprehensive documentation and a revamped Snow Update Service (SUS), which will perform a check to ensure that your environment meets the set prerequisites before allowing the package to be installed, are just some of the support techniques Snow is offering to ensure that your upgrade is successful.


In addition, we advise all our customers and partners to contact their local Professional Services to help you plan your upgrade, ensure that known limitations are understood, and product dependencies, such as the requirement for Snow Inventory Server 6.0.3 are clear.


All documentation is available to customers and partners on Snow’s Knowledge Base, and your Professional Services contact can provide you with a full set of useful links. As a starter, we recommend you read the Release Notes: Snow License Manager 9.0.0 (covering, for example, features, enhancements, corrections, and product dependencies) and Known Limitations: Snow License Manager 9.0.0.

Release information

ProductSnow License Manager
New version9.0.0
RTM  (Europe)January 16, 2019
Distribution methodSUS (Snow Update Service)
RTM  (America)February 5, 2019
General AvailabilityMarch 5, 2019

Snow License Manager 9

Snow is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Snow License Manager 9 – a major version of our leading Software Asset Management solution, which we will release in a phased rollout plan. Global general availability is planned for March 5, 2019.

On top of recently-announced price increases and new licensing options for Windows Server 2019, our customers face yearly true-ups and datacenter optimization challenges. With this release, Snow delivers automated license recommendations for Windows Server deployments, including cost modelling based on virtualization density and high availability configurations. On-demand reporting for your entire Windows Server estate includes recommendations for optimizing licenses, forecasts for Windows Server 2019 costs, and highlights risks in your infrastructure

Gaining an understanding of Oracle middleware can be challenging and time-consuming – a task that is further complicated by virtualization technologies. In our commitment to optimizing enterprise software spend and mitigating risk, our first middleware offering provides discovery and inventory data for Oracle WebLogic.

Existing customers with larger-to-enterprise size deployments will benefit from the capability to run incremental daily maintenance. This process has been modified to identify and transfer just the data that has changed since the previous run – significantly reducing the amount of data to process.

This release helps lay the foundation for the next generation of Software Asset Management solutions from Snow that will include additional features for datacenter management, along with new management and reporting capabilities delivered through Snow Analytics.

Release notes

This version introduces new features, enhancements and corrections. Please visit KB for release notes and further information about the release:

Release Notes for Snow License Manager 9.0.0


Extended rollout plan for Snow License Manager 9.0.0

To assure the best possible customer experience of Snow License Manager 9, an extra phase has been added to the initial rollout plan for SLM 9.0.0. Gradual rollout will continue through Snow Update Service with an additional four weeks before General Availability (GA) according to the plan below. Customers and partners will gain access to the upgrade at the start date for their region.

PhaseFromCustomers and partners:
1 (Pre-release) November 22,2018

Customers and partners who provided support during the development of Snow License Manager 9 – this phase is now complete.

2January 16, 2019Europe
3February 5, 2019Americas
4 GAMarch 5, 2019General Availability (GA)


Recommended upgrade path from SLM 8 to SLM 9

To avail of our product features as they develop in alignment with trends in software asset management, we recommend you maintain your Snow installation up-to-date with the most recent versions of our product releases. New Snow customers should always receive our latest releases. For existing partners and customers, the recommended upgrade path to Snow License Manager 9, is from the most recent version of Snow License Manager 8 (see product versions on our website), to Snow License Manager 9.0.0, and immediately to Snow License Manager 9.0.1 which is released on February 5.