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Released February 7, 2019

Release Information

Product:                            Snow License Manager
New version:                     8.3.7
Build No:                           6968
Revision No:                      397
Distribution:                      SUS  package
Current status:                  Released



Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.3.7: 

  • The Device Applications Group Update step in the Data Update Job has been optimized to limit usage of temporary disk space to help prevent performance issues that arise when disks reach their capacity limits (PRB0042068).
  • The figures shown in the Inventoried computers per month widget on the default Snowboard for Previously inventoried and New Inventoried computers now correctly reflect computers that have been deleted since the previous run of the Data Update Job (PRB0041942)
  • Data normalization of IP addresses has been enhanced to manage multiple IP addresses reported for the same machine. This improvement ensures that virtual machines can be correctly matched to their host, and associated inventory data can be correctly shown in Snow License Manager views and reports (PRB0041929).
  • The history graph, showing Users per month for an application now correctly caters for users who have been moved to another organizational unit (PRB0041943).
  • The forgotten password functionality has been made more robust to protect against brute-force attacks. Following three failed attempts, users will be locked out for 15 minutes (PRB0042095).
  • When editing a license to assign it to a computer, a new tooltip is visible by hovering over the content of the Organization column. The tooltip shows the full organization unit name, which is not always visible for deep organizational trees. The tooltip is designed to help users readily identify the correct unit in scenarios where computers with the same name exist in multiple units that begin with the same sequence of characters (PRB0040277).
  • The Data Update Job now ignores any Oracle instances with an empty instance name and completes processing (PRB0041966).
  • It is no longer necessary to edit a user to view attached documents. Attachments are now visible on the Documents tab (PRB0042047)
  • It is now possible to apply Agreements with Auto attach computers enabled to more than one organizational unit (PRB0041342).
  • When a host machine is deleted, its virtual machines (VMs) will now also be removed (PRB0041382).
  • The edit view for applications no longer incorrectly lists mainframe applications as running on Windows (PRB0041408).
  • For the Service Provider Edition, additional handling has been added prevent duplication of Oracle databases in scenarios where multiple data sources are configured for the same Customer ID (CID) and refer to the same Inventory database (PRB0041968).
  • OpenSUSE is now classified as a server operating system (PRB0041372).
  • Import of SAP data now updates the import reference ID correctly, ensuring that SAP data shows correctly (PRB0042046).
  • It is now possible to configure the location for SoftwareEnterpriseAgreementService by editing the config file for the service and adding an appropriate pathname (PRB0042070)
  • Cyrillic is now supported in the naming of Snowboards (PRB0042079)
  • An additional core factor definition for has been added to support 2-core Celeron processors (PRB0042109).
  • It is possible for an application with metering based on installations can show usage data without an instance of the application installed. This scenario arises, for example, when users uninstall an application when they are finished using it, but their usage data remains in the history information. Snow License Manager refers to these scenarios as metering-only. Metering-only is now supported for application groups and bundles (PRB0042024).
  • The export functionality now transfers data correctly to the destination file when wildcards are used in the search criteria (PRB0042099).

Snow is pleased to announce the release of Snow License Manager 9.0.1, which includes important updates for customers and partners running Snow License Manager 9.0.0. The update to Snow License Manager 9.0.1 is carried out through Snow Update Service (SUS). 

Release information

Product:                 Snow License Manager

New version:          9.0.1

Build No:                6969

Revision No:          401

Release date:         February 05, 2019

Distribution:           SUS package

Current status:      Released

Upgrade path, SLM 8 to SLM 9

For customers and partners running the most recent version of Snow License Manager 8 (see product versions on our website), we recommend to upgrade to Snow License Manager 9.0.0, and then immediately update to Snow License Manager 9.0.1. To ensure a correct upgrade, access to Snow License Manager 9.0.1 is synchronized with the regional rollout plan for Snow License Manager 9.0.0, shown in the table below.



Customers and partners:

1 (Pre-release) 

November 22,2018

Customers and partners who provided support during the development of Snow License Manager 9 – this phase is now complete.


January 16, 2019



February 5, 2019


4 GA

March 5, 2019

General Availability (GA)

Corrections in Snow License Manager 9.0.1:

Additional compatibility measures have been added to the Data Update Job to ensure that processing of data extracted from databases with different collations no longer cause: collation errors; the Data Update Job to stop; or any issues with the Inventory service

Product dependencies:

Snow License Manager 9.0.1 requires Snow Inventory Server 6.0.4.