Official release of Snow License Manager 9.0.1

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Feb 5, 2019

Snow is pleased to announce the release of Snow License Manager 9.0.1, which includes important updates for customers and partners running Snow License Manager 9.0.0. The update to Snow License Manager 9.0.1 is carried out through Snow Update Service (SUS). 

Release information

Product:                 Snow License Manager

New version:          9.0.1

Build No:                6969

Revision No:          401

Release date:         February 05, 2019

Distribution:           SUS package

Current status:      Released

Upgrade path, SLM 8 to SLM 9

For customers and partners running the most recent version of Snow License Manager 8 (see product versions on our website), we recommend to upgrade to Snow License Manager 9.0.0, and then immediately update to Snow License Manager 9.0.1. To ensure a correct upgrade, access to Snow License Manager 9.0.1 is synchronized with the regional rollout plan for Snow License Manager 9.0.0, shown in the table below.



Customers and partners:

1 (Pre-release) 

November 22,2018

Customers and partners who provided support during the development of Snow License Manager 9 – this phase is now complete.


January 16, 2019



February 5, 2019


4 GA

March 5, 2019

General Availability (GA)

Corrections in Snow License Manager 9.0.1:

Additional compatibility measures have been added to the Data Update Job to ensure that processing of data extracted from databases with different collations no longer cause: collation errors; the Data Update Job to stop; or any issues with the Inventory service

Product dependencies:

Snow License Manager 9.0.1 requires Snow Inventory Server 6.0.4.