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Released March 28

Release information

ProductSnow License Manager
Build No.7012
Revision No404
Release DateMarch 28, 2019
DistributionSUS Package
Current StatusReleased


Features in Snow License Manager 9.1


Web user interface availability

Snow License Manager 9.1 brings 24/7 availability of the web user interface for all users. In previous versions of Snow License Manager, the entire web user interface was locked down during data maintenance (Data Update Job) to ensure that data presented to users is not stale and to prevent concurrent changes resulting in inconsistent data. With this release, login restrictions have been removed, users will no longer be locked out, and they will no longer be presented with the data maintenance screen but with the log on screen. In this release, 24/7 availability is made possible by temporarily restricting access to just those pages whose data is currently under processing by Data Update Job instead of locking down the entire interface. This feature ensures availability of Snow License Manage for all users, at all times, restricting access to just the the data that is currently being processed.


The temporary access restriction, which upholds data integrity has not yet been applied to customer-created job steps (stored procedures). Consequently, data integrity of the Snow License Manager database cannot be guaranteed during the execution of customized steps.

Enhancements in Snow License Manager 9.1

Correct logging of runs over 24 hours 
The runtime of the Data Update Job now correctly records runs that exceed 24 hours. Previously, all runtimes of a day or more were reported as 23:59:59. Such runtimes are now reported correctly in hours, minutes, and seconds; 25:20:55 or 77:07:23 for example (PRB0042178).

Improved host/virtual machine topology 
Data normalization of IP addresses has been improved to manage multiple IP addresses reported for the same virtual machine. This improvement ensures that virtual machines can be better matched to their host, and associated inventory data can be correctly shown in Snow License Manager views and reports. In addition, mapping of virtual machines against the hardware host has been modified so that each IP address is mapped individually, improving the accuracy of the topology (PRB0042174).


Additional endpoints for Snow Integration Manager 
Three bulk endpoints have been added to Snow License Manager to support the exposure of additional data for ITSM integrations with ServiceNow and BMC Remedyforce. The additional data includes: organization hierarchy, application type hierarchy, and application type assignments.

Corrections in Snow License Manager 9.1

Corrections released in Snow License Manager versions 8.3.5–8.3.7 are now included in Snow License Manager 9.1.0.

  • Cyrillic is now supported in the naming of Snowboards (PRB0042136).
  • It is now possible to configure the location for SoftwareEnterpriseAgreementService by editing the config file for the service and adding an appropriate pathname (PRB0042135).
  • Additional error handling prevents the graphical interface overflow error from occurring in Snow Management and Configuration Center when trying to Preview a newly-created software recognition rule. In preference to error-prone manual processes, we recommend our automated Software Recognition Service as best practice for the creation of software recognition rules (PRB0042137).
  • Extra error management to handle SAP-supported zero date formats (0000-00-00 and 0) has been added to the SAP import feature (PRB0042140).
  • The dashboard widgets Most installed computer operating systems (number of computers) and Most installed mobile operating systems (number of devices) are now labeled correctly in the Swedish language version (PRB0042169).
  • An issue introduced in Snow License Manager 8.3.5 relating to the disappearance of the list of whitelisted applications has been rectified so that the list persists following the DataUpdate Job run (PRB0042161).
  • Import of SAP data now updates the import reference ID correctly, ensuring that SAP data shows correctly (PRB0042141).
  • The forgotten password functionality has been made more robust to protect against bruteforce attacks. Following three failed attempts, users will be locked out for 15 minutes (PRB0042143).
  • An additional core factor definition has been added to support 2-core Celeron processors (PRB0042110).
  • It is possible for an application with metering based on installations can show usage data without an instance of the application installed. This scenario arises, for example, when users uninstall an application when they are finished using it, but their usage data remains in the history information. Snow License Manager refers to these scenarios as metering only. Metering-only is now supported for application groups and bundles (PRB0042162).
  • The Device Applications Group Update step in the Data Update Job has been optimized to limit usage of temporary disk space to help prevent performance issues that arise when disks reach their capacity limits (PRB0042165).
  • The edit view for applications no longer incorrectly lists mainframe applications as running on Windows (PRB0042167).
  • It is now possible to apply Agreements with Auto attach computers enabled to more than one organizational unit (PRB0042166).