Official release announcement for Snow License Manager 8.3.8

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Apr 12, 2019

Released April 11

Release Information

Product:                            Snow License Manager
New version:                     8.3.8
Revision No:                     411 
Build No:                          7026                  
Distribution:                     SUS  package
Current status:                 Released



Enhancements in Snow License Manager 8.3.8: 

  • More granular data for computer types –  The data relating to servers on the Computer types chart widget and the underlying data view of this widget has been made more granular. Data is now split into servers (representing physical servers) and virtual servers. This change has also been made to the Computers per type widget on the Computers Overview page. The underlying data view can be sorted to show physical servers, virtualized servers or both through the addition of the Virtual Server column (PRB0041403).
  • Paste to decimal custom fields - Support has been added to enable users to paste values into decimal type custom fields (PRB0041828). 
  • Correct logging of runs over 24 hours - The runtime of the Data Update Job now correctly records runs that exceed 24 hours. Previously, all runtimes of a day or more were reported as 23:59:59. Such runtimes are now reported correctly in hours, minutes, and seconds; 25:20:55 or 77:07:23 for example (PRB0042116).  
  • Office 365 Cloud application user activity - The user activity charts for the cloud applications Microsoft Project Online Professional and Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing have been updated and can now display data (PRB0041995).  
  • Application per Computer report - The Application per computer report has been enhanced with two additional columns: Install date and Installed.    
  • Organizational structure in alphabetic order - On the Search computers page, the organizational structure now shows in alphabetic order
  • Additional endpoints for Snow Integration Manager - Three bulk endpoints have been added to Snow License Manager to support the exposure of additional data for ITSM integrations with ServiceNow and BMC Remedyforce. The additional data includes: organizational hierarchy, application type hierarchy, and application type assignments.  
  • Improved host/virtual machine topology - Data normalization of IP addresses has been improved to manage multiple IP addresses reported for the same virtual machine. This improvement ensures that virtual machines can be better matched to their host, and associated inventory data can be correctly shown in Snow License Manager views and reports. In addition, mapping of virtual machines against the hardware host has been modified so that each IP address is mapped individually, improving the accuracy of the topology (PRB0042123). 
  • Support for large dataset export - Out-of-memory errors no longer occur when exporting large datasets to Excel. When the maximum number of rows for a single Excel sheet have been filled with export data, Snow License Manager will continue writing data to a new sheet, and so on until all data rows have been successfully exported (PRB0040899).


Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.3.8: 

  • When All is selected for downgrade path rights, application families that contain more than 100 applications are now fully supported (PRB0042053).
  • The Named computer column has been removed from List all licenses view because this field is no longer populated with data. This column is still available in other views and reports, but will be removed completely in future releases of Snow License Manager (PRB0040410).
  • When the dropdown filter Installed application type on the On the Computers without antivirus software installed report, when selecting Installed application type on the leftmost dropdown filter the righthand list of application types is now correctly populated (PRB0041064).
  • It is no longer possible to delete a currency that is being used/active in Snow License Manager. To avoid accidental removal of active currencies, they are now greyed out/not selectable in Snow Management and Configuration Center (PRB0041188).
  • When adding or editing roles in Snow Management and Configuration Center, it is no longer possible to select both options Access to the License Manager Web API and Access to the License Manager Web application simultaneously as these roles are meant to be used separately (PRB0041326).
  • Issues with duplicated computers in the Service Provider Edition of Snow License Manager have been resolved so that the number shown for active computers on the Computer status summary widget and underlying report is now correct (PRB0041454).
  • Server errors related to unsupported OS types no longer occur when trying to export the data underlying the Platform summary widget to an Excel file. The data now exports correctly to an Excel file. (PRB0041457).
  • Copying an application in Snow Management and Configuration Center now correctly transfers all data, so that if the setting Include virtual versions of matching applications attribute is checked in the original application it will also now be checked in the copy (PRB0041909).
  • Support for custom field names starting with a digit has been enhanced so that the Search for computers function no longer raises an internal server error (PRB0041935).
  • Aliases in the organizational structure are now deleted as expected when the structure is overwritten or imported (PRB0041964).
  • On the Application details page in scenarios where no purchase price has been entered for the connected license, the value shown in the Risk row is now calculated based on Application cost per installation (PRB0042001).
  • The Oracle database editions view, no longer displays duplicate instances of passive clusters. This change does not affect underlying data as this is correct, but how the interface was processing that data (PRB0042017).
  • For customers using the German language setting, email notifications are now correctly spelled as Nutzerlizenz  (PRB0040783).
  • Due to a limitation with processor type names that are longer than 50 characters, Enterprise Editions were missing from the information displayed on the Oracle Overview, Database Editions tab. The length limitation has been removed and Oracle Enterprise Editions now display (PRB0041999).