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Released May 16

Release information

Product:                 Snow License Manager

New version:          9.2.1

Build No:                7059

Revision No:          414

Release date:        May 16, 2019

Distribution:           Snow Update Service


Updated technical documentation 

Updated technical documents in this release is: 



More granular data for computer types 
The data relating to servers on the Computer types chart widget and the underlying data view of this widget has been made more granular. Data is now split into servers (representing physical servers) and virtual servers. This change has also been made to the Computers per type widget on the Computers Overview page. 


Support for large dataset export 
Out-of-memory errors no longer occur when exporting large datasets to Excel. When the maximum number of rows for a single Excel sheet have been filled with export data, Snow License Manager will continue writing data to a new sheet, and so on until all data rows have been successfully exported (PRB0042269).



Corrections released in Snow License Manager versions 8.3.8 have been resolved in Snow License Manager 9.2.1.

Base technology corrections:

  • When adding or editing roles in Snow Management and Configuration Center, it is no longer possible to select Access to the License Manager Web API and Access to the License Manager Web application, as these roles are designed to be used separately (PRB0042272).
  • It is no longer possible to delete a currency that is being used/active in Snow License Manager. To avoid accidental removal of active currencies, they are now grayed out/not selectable in Snow Management and Configuration Center (PRB0042277).
  • Server errors related to unsupported OS types no longer occur when trying to export the data underlying the Platform summary widget to an Excel file. The data now exports correctly to an Excel file (PRB0042271).
  • Support for custom field names starting with a digit has been enhanced so that the Search for computers function no longer raises an internal server error (PRB0042276).
  • On the Application details page in scenarios where no purchase price has been entered for the connected license, the value shown in the Risk row is now calculated based on Application cost per installation (PRB0042274).
  • Total and Quantity data is now correctly displayed in exported reports (PRB0042198).
  • It is now possible to paste content into custom fields of decimal number type (PRB0042279).
  • The Named computer column has been removed from List all licenses view because this field is no longer populated with data. This column is still available in other views and reports, but will be removed completely in future releases of Snow License Manager (PRB0042275).
  • For customers using the German language setting, email notifications are now correctly spelled as Nutzerlizenz (PRB0042280).
  • Copying an application in Snow Management and Configuration Center now correctly transfers all data, so that if the setting Include virtual versions of matching applications attribute is checked in the original application it will also now be checked in the copy (PRB0042281).
  • Editing a computer with virtual packages assigned to it, no longer causes Snow License Manager to raise The page could not be found! errors (PRB0042282).
  • In Snow License Manager 9.1, the Data Update Job mistakenly ignored the auto-connect rule step, causing computers and devices to be incorrectly attached to the root organization. This issue has been rectified so that Data Update Job carries out the auto-connect step and computers and devices are attached to the correct organizational unit (PRB0042263).
  • It is no longer possible to edit software-recognition rules created for globally generated applications in Snow Management and Configuration Center (PRB0042200).
  • The Web Configurator no longer requires a user to log on with sysadmin rights to update the connection password (PRB0042266).
  • If the View Usernames setting in Snow Management and Configuration Center is disabled, the primary user on a computer and their email address are now correctly anonymized in views and reports (PRB0042250).
  • The user activity charts for cloud applications Microsoft Project Online Professional and Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing are now displaying data (PRB0042211).
  • The Page could not be found! errors no longer arise when selecting application family for a license with no installations (PRB0042259).
  • Some language tweaks were implemented in snowboard alerts in the French version of Snow License Manager (PRB0042308).
  • Additional error-handling and logging have been implemented to manage the Sequence contains no matching element error caused by duplicate source data in the Office 365 service (PRB0042290).
  • Windows Server Assessment reports and remarks of license tracking tab in application detail page now display correctly (PRB0042329).
  • The Discovered assets that are not inventoried report now displays correctly with filters.
  • VMware virtual machines inventoried by the Snow Integration Manager VMware Connector and computers inventoried by Snow Inventory Agents now match.
  • Information about IBM AIX LPAR virtual machines now display correctly.


Oracle management option corrections:

  • Additional error-handling has been implemented to manage scenarios where data related to inventoried hardware computers or end-of-support dates is missing. Accessing Oracle databases in such scenarios no longer causes the An error occurred on the page! error to arise (PRB0042255).
  • Improved deployment process related to Oracle Middleware products preconfigured metadata. 
  • Improved infrastructure and data validation errors handling within Oracle Orders Import wizard.
  • Oracle products have been updated to align with the official Oracle catalog.
  • User interface issues related to using Oracle Management Option with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 have been resolved.