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Released June 13

Release information

Product:                 Snow License Manager
New version:          9.2.2
Revision No:           422
Build No:                 7086
Release date:         June 13, 2019
Distribution:           SUS package

Current status:      Released


  • Filtering parameters in the following reports Applications per Computer, License compliance Summary per Organisation, Discovered Assets that are not inventoried, and License compliance summary have been fixed.
  • Totals in the License Compliance Summary report are now correct when the report is filtered. Totals now show the amounts related to filtering not the total of the unfiltered report.
  • Support for the new version of the SAM Automation Book, which will be included in the upcoming release of Snow Automation Platform has been included.
  • License requirement and compliance can now be calculated for Oracle estates with logical partitions (LPARs) without requiring association with IBM AIX hosts
  • Additional error-handling has been added to Snow Management and Configuration Center to prevent checksum errors when browsing application definitions.
  • Issues related to license capping preventing operating system data being replicated correctly during Data Update Job have been resolved so that the data is now transferred between the Snow Inventory and Snow License Manager databases.
  • Web-application metering rules are no longer duplicated by Data Update Job.
  • Computer hardware information report can now be exported to xls/xlsx formats.
  • Additional error-handling has been implemented to prompt users to resave a license when viewing a license for which the user (for licenses based on user) or computer (for licenses based on installation) has been deleted.
  • Language support has now been included in the creating and editing system users capability in Snow Management and Configuration Center. Snow License Manager interfaces currently support the following languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swedish, and Russian.

Released June 11

Release information

Product:                             Snow License Manager
New version:                     8.3.9
Build No:                           7082 
Revision No:                     423
Distribution:                     SUS  package
Current status:                Released


Enhancements in Snow License Manager 8.3.9: 

  • An internal API endpoint is implemented to support future SIM functionality for ITSM.

Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.3.9:

  • Searching Assigned Software in Snow Management and Configuration Center will now correctly display results (PRB0040619).
  • The import service did not log per default in the SLM log folder this has now been corrected (PRB0041080).
  • While removing an overridden bundle you will now be prompted to move any license assigned to the application (PRB0041840).
  • All languages that are available in the Snow License Manager web are now also possible to select as a default language when creating or editing a system user in Snow Management and Configuration Center (PRB0041866).
  • Improved handling of exceptions, caused by duplicate source data, in the office 365 service. Additional logging has also been added for more granular troubleshooting possibilities (PRB0042291).
  • Missing created/updated dates in the Microsoft Office 365 portal will no longer generate interruptions of the communication between Snow Integration Manager and the Snow License Manager database (PRB0042155).
  • The Web Configurator no longer requires a user to log on with sysadmin rights to update the connection password (PRB0042220).
  • It is now possible to filter the views for Oracle databases and instances and export the data. It will no longer generate a server error (PRB0042074).
  • The agreement number criteria are not applicable for the license notification this state has been removed (PRB0042085).
  • In the Search for Applications page, unique users are now summarized correctly (PRB0042350).
  • The import configuration file is incorrectly setting the import type for agreements to "agreement" should be "contract". This has been fixed now (PRB0040270).
  • The Page could not be found! errors no longer arise when selecting the application family for a license with no installations (PRB0040796).