Official release announcement for Snow License manager 8.3.10

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Jul 26, 2019

Released August 6

Release information

Product:                            Snow License Manager
New version:                     8.3.10
Build No:                           7130 
Revision No:                     429
Release date:                   6 August 2019
Distribution:                     SUS  package
Current status:                Released

Corrections in Snow License Manager 8.3.10:

  • Amazon Linux servers are now correctly marked as servers. (PRB0042383).
  • The 'Help' section links in both 'Snow License Manager' and 'Snow Management and Configuration Center' have been updated to point to the correct versions of the products. (PRB0042244).
  • The column "Databases" has been changed to "Instances" in the Oracle Overview page. (PRB0041899, PRB0042345).
  • The columns "Created" and "IP address" are now included in the scheduled export of the "Computers that are not inventoried" report. (PRB0041194)
  • The graphs in the O365 overview page have been improved, to better visualize the data for user activity counts. (PRB0041851).
  • Improved logic of the groups-part of the software recognition step, in the data update job, lowering the overall execution time. (PRB0042327).
  • The API will no longer show an exception page when trying to list applications in scenarios where blacklisted applications criteria overlap. (PRB0042409).
  • It's no longer possible to add new rules to a globally generated application (PRB0042368).
  • The Software Update step in the Data Update Job has been optimized to help prevent performance issues that arise in platforms with large amounts of data. (PRB0042448).
  • The "Computers per type" widget, on the Computers overview page, has been corrected, resulting in the "Virtual Servers" and "Virtual machines" computer types now displaying their respective associated data. (PRB0042431).