Pre-release announcement for Snow License Manager 9.3.2

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Jul 26, 2019

Due for release August 13th (tentative)

Release information

Product:                  Snow License Manager
New version:          9.3.2
Revision No:           430
Build No:                7139
Release date:         13 August 2019
Distribution:           SUS package

Current status:      QA Approved

Corrections in Snow License Manager 9.3.2:

  • The "Last Discovered Date" field is now properly saved even when software has been removed from a computer (PRB0042392, PRB0042459).
  • The Web Configurator tool is now able to extract hardware identifiers on a Japanese operating system (PRB0042455).
  • Column headers should not be HTML encoded anymore (PRB0042357).
  • Correction made to where the EventStore did not create a new password if the password in the database was set to NULL (PRB0042406).
  • When editing a License, under the Maintenance & Support tab, the calendars for maintenance periods have been updated with yearly and monthly dropdown options (PRB0042323).
  • Stock report filtering for Red Hat is using criteria "Red Hat%" However, the customer might have Red Hat Installations called "Linux Red Hat" therefore, the report is NOT showing "All Computers with Red Hat Operating System" This has now been corrected (PRB0042449).
  • Fixed organization criteria in report "Devices per remote server" (PRB0042315).
  • Notifications for expired and expiring licenses now take maintenance periods into account (PRB0042285).
  • Missing translation when exporting instances on the oracle instances page (PRB0042421).
  • The License edit page does now allow the user to past information into the purchase price and quantity column (PRB0042314).
  • Removed redundant options from the notification's criteria (PRB0042471).
  • The import configuration file is incorrectly setting the import type for agreements to "agreement" should be "contract". This has been fixed now (PRB0042474).
  • While removing an overridden bundle you will now be prompted to move any license assigned to the application (PRB0042475).
  • Improved logic of the groups-part of the software recognition step, in the data update job, lowering the overall execution time (PRB0042461).
  • Optimizations have been made to the Device Applications Bundles Update step in the Update Job (PRB0042486).
  • Possible to have Support and Maintenance cost between 0 and 1.
  • Windows Server reports show one row per host if the host is covered by multiple licenses.
  • "Has Windows Server VMs" exclusion computer filter works as expected.
  • License assignment tooltip shows the correct information for Windows server family.
  • Exclusion list can be exported into SLM supported formats.
  • Custom fields assigned to applications are now reassigned to new applications during SRS data transfer (PRB0042358).
  • The API will no longer show an exception page when trying to list applications in scenarios where blacklisted applications criteria overlap (PRB0042409).
  • 'Programs and Features' now display the correct major version of SLM (PRB0042454).