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Phased rollout beginning August 13, 2019

Release information

ProductSnow License Manager
Revision No430
Build No7139
Release date13 August, 2019
DistributionSUS package
Current statusPhased rollout
General availability29 August, 2019

About this release

This version of Snow License Manager is released in a phased-rollout starting 13 August, 2019. You will receive the update sometime between the start date and general availability.

Note that the subsequent release of Snow License Manager 9.3.3, will come soon; with general availability set for mid September, 2019. We advise you to review the preliminary release notes for Snow License Manager 9.3.3 to determine your most appropriate update path.


Corrections in Snow License Manager 9.3.2:

  • The "Last Discovered Date" field is now properly saved even when software has been removed from a computer (PRB0042392, PRB0042459).
  • The Web Configurator tool is now able to extract hardware identifiers on a Japanese operating system (PRB0042455).
  • Column headers should not be HTML encoded anymore (PRB0042357).
  • Correction made to where the EventStore did not create a new password if the password in the database was set to NULL (PRB0042406).
  • When editing a License, under the Maintenance & Support tab, the calendars for maintenance periods have been updated with yearly and monthly dropdown options (PRB0042323).
  • Stock report filtering for Red Hat is using criteria "Red Hat%" However, the customer might have Red Hat Installations called "Linux Red Hat" therefore, the report is NOT showing "All Computers with Red Hat Operating System" This has now been corrected (PRB0042449).
  • Fixed organization criteria in report "Devices per remote server" (PRB0042315).
  • Notifications for expired and expiring licenses now take maintenance periods into account (PRB0042285).
  • Missing translation when exporting instances on the oracle instances page (PRB0042421).
  • The License edit page does now allow the user to past information into the purchase price and quantity column (PRB0042314).
  • Removed redundant options from the notification's criteria (PRB0042471).
  • The import configuration file is incorrectly setting the import type for agreements to "agreement" should be "contract". This has been fixed now (PRB0042474).
  • While removing an overridden bundle you will now be prompted to move any license assigned to the application (PRB0042475).
  • Improved logic of the groups-part of the software recognition step, in the data update job, lowering the overall execution time (PRB0042461).
  • Optimizations have been made to the Device Applications Bundles Update step in the Update Job (PRB0042486).
  • Possible to have Support and Maintenance cost between 0 and 1.
  • Windows Server reports show one row per host if host is covered by multiple licenses.
  • "Has Windows Server VMs" exclusion computer filter works as expected.
  • License assignment tooltip shows the correct information for Windows server family.
  • Exclusion list can be exported into SLM supported formats.
  • Custom fields assigned to applications are now reassigned to new applications during SRS data transfer (PRB0042358).
  • The API will no longer show an exception page when trying to list applications in scenarios where blacklisted applications criteria overlap (PRB0042409).
  • 'Programs and Features' now display the correct major version of SLM (PRB0042454).

Hi SnowGlobe,

today I want to share with you all the Training and Learning options we offer. I think this is a very relevant topic, as a continuous study and a deeper knowledge are always necessary to get the most from everything and, in this case, from Snow Software applications.

We have a very skilled team that works to offer and tailor training options. Below I've summarized them, but feel free to contact your dedicated Snow Account Manager in case you need more information about what we can offer.


Global Training

Official Snow product training will help you to get the most out of Snow solutions. Training is aimed at both beginners and SAM professionals. Ideally, you should start the training program with the Snow Inventory Administrator or the SLM User Training - depending on your individual area of responsibility.


Available Courses:

• Snow Inventory Administrator (SIA 1-day course)
• Snow Licence Manager User (SLMU 2- day course)
• Snow Licence Manager Advanced User (SLMAU 1-day course)
• Snow Automatic Platform Administrator (SAPA 1-day course)
• Snow Optimizer for SAP Software – available only in Hamburg.
• Snow Device Manager Administrator SDMA – currently available only in Sweden or bespoke


All courses are certified, and a short exam is taken at the end of each course. You can find our scheduled courses here: 


Language Options

The default language for our training is English. However, courses are offered in German from our Stuttgart and Hamburg hubs. French and Italian courses are also delivered from our location sites in Paris and Milan.


Training Hubs

We have 4 main training hubs all of which offer a dedicated training room. Except Hamburg one, the other facilities include laptops for delegate use.


  • Bracknell, UK
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Solna, Sweden

On-Premise Training

You may have several staff members who require training and deem it easier to have trainers visit your premises. This can be arranged for a maximum of 10 delegates and either a standard course delivered or something more tailored to specific needs. (Please contact your Account Manager to ask for more information or request it)


How to book onto a classroom training course. 

You can book onto a training course selecting the desired one/s via the Snow website: Training.

This prompts a request and your place will be confirmed once availability has been checked and booking authorized.


Alternatively, you can liaise with your Account Manager to request a place.



A good value for money option is to purchase a subscription. We have 2 options available that can allow a group of users to enroll onto an unlimited number of courses at the training hub. Please contact your Snow Account Manager to know more about the details of this offer.


Online Learning (Partners only)

The Snow Academy is currently only available to Partners. 

A Snow Identity will provide you with direct access to the Snow Academy, Snow Support Portal as well as the Snow Globe Community. If you already have a Snow Identity, simply login via the dedicated link using the ‘login with Single Sign On’ button and begin your learning program. If you haven’t got a Snow Identity you can self-register here: Register for Snow Identity.


Note: Of course our Training team is working to expand the current offer, to extend the courses to more recipients and include always up to date topics. 


I hope this post is helpful to know more about the available options. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about it!

Released August 6, 2019

Please see all info here