Official release announcement for Snow License Manager 9.3.3

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Sep 4, 2019


Phased rollout of Snow License Manager 9.3.3 beginning September 3, 2019

This version of Snow License Manager is released in a phased-rollout starting 3 September 2019. You will receive the update sometime between the start date and general availability.

Release information

Product:                  Snow License Manager
New version:          9.3.3
Release date:         3 September onwards
Distribution:           SUS package

Current status:      Released


Enhancements in Snow License Manager 9.3.3:

  • Changes to License Tracking Per Computer Report to display more License Data.
  • Bios Serial Number for Mobiles.
  • Files Per Computer Report now shows all executables visible, regardless if recognized or not.
  • The 'Compliance' field name in ‘License Tracking Per Computer’ report has been changed to 'Total Compliance'
  • Microsoft Core Infrastructure Server Suite license coverage
  • New permission for oracle compliance calculation and license assignment
  • Refactor loading data through lightweight read models and in-memory data filtering

Corrections in Snow License Manager 9.3.3:

  • Added migration script which resets Windows Server application default metric to be standard (by saying "standard" we mean Microsoft licensing rules). To see compliance in different metric it is now possible to add it as an alternative to the application. 
  • After changing a license from per installation to per computer it will no longer be allocated. (PRB0040651). 
  • All web applications are now searchable on the 'Add license' page. (PRB0042493).
  • Computer application installations reported from an external data source via Snow Integration Manager are now correctly retained after processing data reported by the Snow Inventory agent for the same computer (PRB0042516).
  • Discovery data for customers with multiple data sources are now merged correctly (PRB0042487).
  • Fixed server error on "Search for applications" page which occurred in case of large (>500) amount of organization nodes. (PRB0042382).
  • When calculating the Windows Server license requirement we are now taking "Running" status of a virtual machine into account. (PRB0042391).
  • Resolved an issue where SAP imports would sometimes fail with an exception. (PRB0042497).
  • The "Reported Files" and "Scheduled Reports" links have been moved from context menu under "All reports" view to submenus under the "Reports" menu, making them more accessible to the user. (PRB0042508).
  • The AD user login is now checking the validation dates for the mentioned user updated in SMACC (PRB0042429).
  • The historical log that records the host running each virtual machine is now only updated in case of a change to the relationship between host and virtual machine. (PRB0042418).
  • When the user is configured to use another language than English the list under the Orders & Licenses tab, in the Oracle Overview page, will no longer show an error. (PRB0042495).
  • You can now link a Hyper-V Windows virtual machine to its host based on the data inventoried on the virtual machine itself (PRB0042336, PRB0042391).
  • The report "License purchase allocation" is splitting up the costs of licenses and their support/maintenance costs up to the different assigned organizations. (PRB0041449).