Official release Announcement of Snow License Manager 9.4.1

Blog Post created by abhishek.sharan1 Employee on Oct 14, 2019

Released on October 15, 2019.

Release information

Product: Snow License Manager   
New version:      9.4.1
Release date:  15 October 2019 
Distribution:   SUS package
Current status:   Released


About this Release

This version of Snow License Manager is released on October 15, 2019. 

Snow License Manager 9.4.1 will replace the earlier limited release of Snow License Manager 9.4.0. Snow License Manager 9.4.0 has been removed and will not be available for use. Snow recommends the users of Snow License Manager 9.4.0 to upgrade to Snow License Manager 9.4.1 immediately to be able to use all the changes mentioned in this release notes.

Note that the subsequent release of Snow License Manager 9.5, will come soon; with general availability set for November 2019. We advise you to review the preliminary release notes for Snow License Manager 9.5 to determine your most appropriate update path. The preliminary release notes for Snow License Manager 9.5 will has been available since 25 September 2019.

Enhancements in Snow License Manager 9.4.1:

  • Ability to un-assign Oracle licenses
  • Added "Is multiple metrics" column in column selector on Search for applications page
  • Custom compare value type extended to 100 chars
  • Exclude Hyper-V only hosts by default
  • Provide an ability to include hyper-v only hosts into Windows Server license requirement manually

Corrections in Snow Snow License Manager 9.4.1:

  • Data Update Job in a Service Provider installation no longer reports an error after a Customer has been removed (PRB0042521).
  • The Data Update Job has been optimized to reduce execution time when transferring Software rows (PRB0042568).
  • The Data Update Job step Refresh Alerts has been optimized (PRB0042572).
  • Empty, duplicated, or IP addresses are not shown in the computer list anymore.(PRB0042570)
  • Quarantine management will now correctly change a computers' state from 'Quarantined' to 'Inactive' when the configured threshold is met(PRB0042541).
  • We have corrected the API to display the compliance trend tab correctly(PRB0042515)
  • When adding a maintenance date while editing a License, the "Today" button will now properly select the current date (PRB0042574)
  • Resolved an issue when a device is used to run remote applications on servers in different organizations (PRB0042463).
  • When Oracle Database 18c is inventoried as part of the customer's Oracle estate, some customers may be experiencing UI issues in the Oracle Database Product instances overview. This latest version properly shows all inventoried Oracle Database 18c instances. (PRB0042520).
  • Some Oracle background processing tasks that need more time for execution on some customer environments, will now have the possibility to be reconfigured in order to complete successfully (PRB0042577).
  • Fixed gathering Web metering information (PRB0042086).
  • Resolved a conversion issue, due to specific regional settings, that prevented scheduled reports to be sent properly (PRB0042372).
  • Optimized the API request (PRB0042504)
  • When a user has a different region configured than English (US), adding a maintenance date to a license should no longer show a warning that the data is incorrectly formatted (PRB0042602).
  • A server that has Windows Server as the operating system and hosts virtual machines which have Windows Server installed now is excluded from Windows Server license requirement by default ( PRB0042398)
  • Added "Included in Windows Server license requirement" checkbox on Computer edit page General tab, which is visible only for hosts that have Windows Server OS. When checked, the host Windows Server installation will be counted in compliance Hyper-V only hosts are excluded by default. ( PRB0042398).
  • Fixed handling restricted user access when navigating from the "Datacenters and clusters" page to a data center/cluster details page. ( PRB0041897)
  • Displaying "Extended coverage" in the "Coverage reason" column in the "License tracking per computer" report when computers are covered by extended coverage. ( PRB0041606)
  • Fixed an issue where a deactivated CustomerId could prevent the Data Update Job from finishing. (PRB0042609)
  • Improved handling of multi delete computers in Snow License Manager. Users will no longer have to wait for the transaction to complete in the graphical interface. (PRB0042254)