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Dear SnowGlobers, 

THANKS for all your contributions in our beloved community. We really liked to see you here, sharing content, posts, discussions, hints, tips, ideas and comments on SnowGlobe!


This has been a really full year and much more is coming in 2020.


I - together with all the Customer Success Management team - want to wish you a great Christmas time, joyful holidays and a very happy New Year!


Alexandra, Alexis, Carel, Chris, Cori, Ester, Geoffrey, Harri, Ines, Jan, Jens, Jeroen, Julie, Simon, Stefan   


Snow Xmas

Snow License Manager version 9.5.1 is due to release on December 12, 2019. This version introduces various enhancements to its Office 365 solution. Snow recommends some best practices to be followed as part of upgrading to Snow License Manager version 9.5.1. 


Office 365 migration awareness  

As a result of the architectural improvements of the o365 component, a migration job will start instantly after the successful upgrade to 9.5.1. In order to achieve a successful migration, we strongly advise to not trigger or schedule an o365 aggregation in Snow Integration Manager the same day as the upgrade to 9.5.1. More detailed information about the upgrade procedure will be published along with the release on December 12, 2019


Clarification around o365 user activity insights  

Snow has identified a known limitation that unlinked users are not presented in the “All Users” grids for subscription plans that contains activity parameters from both on-prem applications and the o365 portal.  

Examples of such subscription plans are the Microsoft Office E3/E5 subscriptions. In the meantime, getting a list of all users and their respective activity can be achieved by filtering the report named Microsoft Office 365 user activity and cost per subscription plan. 


Clarification around service dependencies 

In version 9.5.1 and later, some services are dependent on each other. SUS will start the services in a pre-defined order. For Windows to start the services in correct order after a reboot, the following dependencies are added to the services:  

  • SnowLicenseManagerDataAccessService depends on SnowNats 
  • SnowLicensing depends on SnowNats and SnowLicenseManagerDataAccessService 
  • SnowLicenseManagerOffice365Service depend on SnowNats, SnowLicenseManagerEventstoreService and SnowLicenseManagerDataAccessService 
  • SnowAdoveCCService depend on SnowNats and SnowLicenseManagerEventstoreService   

If a service is started without its dependency it will make five times attempt to connect to the other service and if it fails, then this service stops.