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SLM 9.4.0 was planned to reach General Availability (GA) on October 9. During the phased rollout we identified that one of the corrections mentioned in the release notes did not end up in the final package. This has now been fixed in the patch release of Snow License Manager 9.4.1 which will replace Snow License Manager 9.4.0 that has been withdrawn.

Information will be provided through release notes, Snow Globe, Support Portal and, Partner portal.

Snow License Manager 9.4.1 will go GA and be available on SUS on October 15 from around lunchtime (CET).


Snow’s Phased roll out releases

Snow has recently started doing releases in a phased manner for their products, Snow License Manager and Snow Inventory Server. The first phase goes only to a selected few customers. General availability follows within two weeks. The reasons for doing a phased rollout are:

  • Customers are given the possibility to play a pivotal role in the validation of new software releases and technology components.
  • Because the release isn’t rolled out to all customers at once, eventual problems can be fixed before or closely after the release is available for the larger mass. 

  • Furthermore, information learned from the early rollout phase can be applied to guide customers so that there are fewer issues post GA. 

If a defect, found during the phased rollout, must be fixed before GA, the dot version of the release will increase.

Depending on what will be discovered during the phased rollout, the length of this phase may vary and the GA date might change. Normally we strive for a period of maximum two weeks between Release to Market (RTM) and GA.