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Dear SnowGlobers, 

THANKS for all your contributions in our beloved community. We really liked to see you here, sharing content, posts, discussions, hints, tips, ideas and comments on SnowGlobe!


This has been a really full year and much more is coming in 2020.


I - together with all the Customer Success Management team - want to wish you a great Christmas time, joyful holidays and a very happy New Year!


Alexandra, Alexis, Carel, Chris, Cori, Ester, Geoffrey, Harri, Ines, Jan, Jens, Jeroen, Julie, Simon, Stefan   


Snow Xmas

Hi Snow Globe,

as you know, we launched a SLM usability survey in summer, to get a better understanding of the everyday usage and experience of working in Snow License Manager. The User Experience team have, with help from other departments in Snow, sent out a voluntary survey to customers who work hands-on with Snow License Manager.


A huge thank you to those who provided feedback!

The learning will help guide our development efforts for future improvements of Snow License Manager.

You will find the summarized results here: SLM usability survey report customer results 


If you didn’t participate in this survey but would like to share about your experience using Snow License Manager, feel free to reach out to



SLM Survey image

Hi SnowGlobe and especially Guten Tag DACH users!


You already know Snow as the market leader and largest focused manufacturer of software asset management tools, anyway we continue to evolve with your requirements!

Today we offer our customers a comprehensive package of solutions for transparency and automation in the challenges of digital transformation, for your software usage needs in the cloud and on premise, and solutions that enable a 360° view of the underlying users, hardware and processes.


We are sure you want to know more about it and to Snow's vision of the future, together with a chance to network with like-minded people and participate in informative discussions.


For all this we are hosting our event Snow Experience 2019 in Frankfurt (Germany) on 14th November 2019.


The topics and content list are available on the event page, but here's a quick copy:


 Was können Sie erwarten?

  • Key Notes von Experten
  • Best Practices - Kundenpräsentationen
  • Erfahrungsaustausch mit Kollegen aus anderen Unternehmen
  • Use-Case-Meetings mit Experten und Lösungsorientierte Live-Demos

 Themen, die behandelt werden:

  • Snow & IDG Research: Herausforderungen für die IT & Kosten durch SaaS
  • Die Evolution des IT Asset Management zum Mehrwert für das Business
  • Partner des Datenschutzes – DSGVO & Security profitieren von SAM Daten
  • Cloud-bedingte Transformation des IT Asset Management
  • Ansätze zur Senkung der Kosten & Erhöhung der Datensicherheit rund um den Einsatz von Software


Very interesting, isn't it? So join us in Frankfurt! Don't forget to register here:

Snow Experience 2019 Nov 14 2019 Frankfurt, Deutschland 


Hi SnowGlobe,

today I want to share with you all the Training and Learning options we offer. I think this is a very relevant topic, as a continuous study and a deeper knowledge are always necessary to get the most from everything and, in this case, from Snow Software applications.

We have a very skilled team that works to offer and tailor training options. Below I've summarized them, but feel free to contact your dedicated Snow Account Manager in case you need more information about what we can offer.


Global Training

Official Snow product training will help you to get the most out of Snow solutions. Training is aimed at both beginners and SAM professionals. Ideally, you should start the training program with the Snow Inventory Administrator or the SLM User Training - depending on your individual area of responsibility.


Available Courses:

• Snow Inventory Administrator (SIA 1-day course)
• Snow Licence Manager User (SLMU 2- day course)
• Snow Licence Manager Advanced User (SLMAU 1-day course)
• Snow Automatic Platform Administrator (SAPA 1-day course)
• Snow Optimizer for SAP Software – available only in Hamburg.
• Snow Device Manager Administrator SDMA – currently available only in Sweden or bespoke


All courses are certified, and a short exam is taken at the end of each course. You can find our scheduled courses here: 


Language Options

The default language for our training is English. However, courses are offered in German from our Stuttgart and Hamburg hubs. French and Italian courses are also delivered from our location sites in Paris and Milan.


Training Hubs

We have 4 main training hubs all of which offer a dedicated training room. Except Hamburg one, the other facilities include laptops for delegate use.


  • Bracknell, UK
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Solna, Sweden

On-Premise Training

You may have several staff members who require training and deem it easier to have trainers visit your premises. This can be arranged for a maximum of 10 delegates and either a standard course delivered or something more tailored to specific needs. (Please contact your Account Manager to ask for more information or request it)


How to book onto a classroom training course. 

You can book onto a training course selecting the desired one/s via the Snow website: Training.

This prompts a request and your place will be confirmed once availability has been checked and booking authorized.


Alternatively, you can liaise with your Account Manager to request a place.



A good value for money option is to purchase a subscription. We have 2 options available that can allow a group of users to enroll onto an unlimited number of courses at the training hub. Please contact your Snow Account Manager to know more about the details of this offer.


Online Learning (Partners only)

The Snow Academy is currently only available to Partners. 

A Snow Identity will provide you with direct access to the Snow Academy, Snow Support Portal as well as the Snow Globe Community. If you already have a Snow Identity, simply login via the dedicated link using the ‘login with Single Sign On’ button and begin your learning program. If you haven’t got a Snow Identity you can self-register here: Register for Snow Identity.


Note: Of course our Training team is working to expand the current offer, to extend the courses to more recipients and include always up to date topics. 


I hope this post is helpful to know more about the available options. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about it!

Buongiorno, SnowGlobe!

Do you know we have some user guides in additional languages, other than English?

If not, please access our Knowledge Base and you'll find all there!


Anyway, to simplify the search I'm adding here the current ones for the web interface of Snow License Manager 9:



Note: in each KB Article page, you can click on the "Subscribe" button (on the top right), to get a notification every time the User Guide is updated.

[Updated on 12/12/2019]

As you may know, in our Knowledge Base we collect all the most up to date documents and guides about our software. You can filter the data by topic or by category and even order for the "last update" field, but why not having here a quick list of the most up to date documents about SLM 9.0.x? 


So, here they are:


      (applies to Snow ' Optimizer for SAP® Software version 2.1) 
      This document describes the steps of the process to transfer information from Snow Optimizer for SAP Software       to Snow License Manager. The process involves exporting data from Snow Optimizer for SAP Software before it       can be imported to Snow License Manager. For ad-hoc use, the process can be completed manually, for more       regular data updates, the process can be automated by scheduling exports and imports.


I hope you find them helpful. In case you need more information about our SnowGlobe Community, our tools, forums and trainings, please check this link: Welcome to Snow – Where to start and things to know 

 Note: in each KB Article page, you can click on the "Subscribe" button (on the top right), to get a notification every time the User Guide is updated.

In Snow Management And Configuration Console (SMACC) there's a specific section dedicated to the yet unrecognized software. If you have that software installed on one or more computers in your company, you can help us to add the full definition to the list. To do so, it's quite easy and some steps can really help you to provide us complete and relevant data.

  1. Download the SRS Request Template from this link: SRS Template v4.2 
  2. Fill all the mandatory columns with a special attention to:
    • Official Product Name*
    • Official Manufacturer*
    • Official Version*
    • Full Installation Path Including Main Executable*
  3. Save the file in XLS format and send it to our Support Team

What if you miss some of this information? 
To provide the best definitions, that can be valid for each of our customers, we need to be sure that all the necessary data is included in the most precise way. There's a simple trick to collect this data directly from your SMACC with a report. 
Note: Please be sure to have ready the name of the computer/s that have that application already installed and that a Snow agent has already performed an inventory scan.

These steps will help you to collect the missing fields:

  1. Open SMACC and select "Inventory Admin Console"
  2. Open "Devices"
  3. Click on the "Add View" field (available at the top, which is used to create the report)
  4. Name the report as you prefer
  5. In the next step, select the required fields:
    • Device \ Computer name
    • Software \ Software name
    • Software \ SW Manufacturer
    • Software \ Software version
    • Software \ SW path name
  6. Next, filter the report for the computer you are looking for with the installed application
    • Select the Device \ Computer name field
    • Specify "EQUALS" as the condition
    • And specify the name of the computer
  7. Click "Save" so that the report view is created and is now available in SMACC


Once you run this report on the relevant computer, you'll be able to find all the necessary fields that were required in the SRS Request Template. A copy/paste will be enough to fill all the columns and then proceed to the submission to our Support team.

Hi SnowGlobers!

First of all, thank you very much from Customer Success and R&D teams for the big participation in the SLM Survey launched in June! We received hundreds of replies and this is very worthy and valuable for us.


For this reason, we decided to leave the Survey link reachable till the 25th July!

This will allow everyone to reply before the 31st July.


So, the rules are the same:

You must be a SLM user. Versions 7.x, 8.x and 9.x are welcome.

You must be a current Snow customer or partner

To participate and get access to the survey please leave a comment below, orcontact us by email.

We'll email you within the next 36 hours.


Thank you!


Ester Memoli on behalf of the Customer Success Management team.


The survey deadline has been extended to 31st July! Please keep submitting your request. 


Dear SnowGlobe users,

we are glad to invite you to participate to our survey on Snow License Manager (SLM). 


The requirements to access the survey are very easy:

You must be a SLM user. Versions 7.x, 8.x and 9.x are welcome.

You must be a current Snow customer or partner

To participate and get access to the survey please leave a comment below, or contact us by email.

We'll email you within the next 24 hours. The deadline for requests is the 31st July, so do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.




The Snow Software Customer Success Manager team

Hej hej, SnowGlobe!

I'm glad to inform you that we still have some few places available in our courses in April 2019 held in our HQ in Solna Business Park (Sweden).

The courses are:


If you are interested in other courses available in the Nordics region, please check this link: Courses in Nordics area 
For other available locations all around the world, please check this link All Snow Training


If you have any questions, reach us at


You're wecolme!