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Just like in my latest blog post "Did you know? - Exporting all your machines" you may want to export or backup your licenses, to either save your current state or to import them into your test environment.


This is pretty easy to do - follow these steps to export your licenses:


  1. Open up the report "List all licenses" and choose the license you want to export. In my example i choose the following one:
  2. Click on Column selector and drag & drop the column "legal organisation" to the report.
  3. Now click on the three dots on the right side and choose Export -> Export as Excel.
  4. Open up your Excel which we will need to modify a bit, it should look like this:
  5. In the column "Legal organisation" you will now need to change the value, fitting to the target organisation in which you want to import the license. In my example i want to import the license to My Company / Germany / IT, which looks like this in the Organisation Structure in SMACC:

  6. The fields in the Legal Organisation column in my excel sheet need to be ROOT,DE,IT.

    Be sure that the target organisation is a legal entity. This option is set in SMACC. Otherwise you will not be able to add a license to this node.

  7. If you want to, you can change the quantity, license costs, etc.
  8. In your Excel sheet add the column "Assignment Type" and enter - by default - "Organization" as shown in the Screenshot in step 4.
  9. Now to import the license, open up SLM and go to Home - import data - license import.
  10. Make sure that the following mandatory fields are matching correctly to your sheet. If you use the exporting feature i've shown in the first steps, you need to choose the column Application as Application name:
  11. Make sure to select the legal organisation and the assignment type columns (which we created earlier)
  12. In the next step you should be able to preview the license which will be imported:
  13. And finally:
  14. You have now successfully duplicated the license:

Protip: The id is the one assigned to that license which you can see when opening the page

Protip: The id shown in step 13 is the one assigned to that license which you can see in the URL when opening the license in SLM: