• SMACC: rule hit rates suddenly show ZERO

    Has anyone made an experience like this? We are on SLM 9.1.0.   We make perpetual snapshots of our application portfolio (installation >0). Since last snapshot we see a decrease of 20%. A comparision leads...
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  • Serial numbers/license keys

    For a given computer based licensed application, want to check if Snow could report license keys that is entitled to a Computer. Essentially combine the following in to one and generate a report to find the Computers...
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  • Create a Bundle or license individually?

    Have a question for anyone who may have ran into this before. We have a couple of applications from various vendors that we bought as a "bundle". However, SNOW doesn't recognize the individual apps as a bundle. S...
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  • Computer Discovery Widget

    Can any Snow folk let us know if they believe the Computer Discovery widget is returning accurate figures as yet please?   Some time back, maybe over a year, we were told the widget wasn't working well and a bug...
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  • Web Application rule problems

    Hi,   We noticed that our Web Applications are no longer getting detected, although everything looks like it should be working. For example, our webapps.config files on the agents are updating correctly. If I co...
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  • SLM - License error after test migration

    Hello, we recently did a test upgrade from Snow Inventory 3.7 to 5 and SLM 7 to 8 using test licenses provided to us by our account manager. The migration itself was quite simple using the documentation and the wizar...
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  • Snow Gateway Updates

    Hi,   We have a Snow Gateway, which is running perfectly   Agents can report into it and the details appear in our master sever. However, the Gateway is not updating.  We'd like to get this fixed ...
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  • Adobe license downgrade

    Hi,   We have some Adobe Photoshop CS6 installations that we would like to cover with Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 license purchases. Photoshop CC 2019 has downgrade rights set and Photoshop CS6 is in the list o...
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  • Quick way to get a clean SLM DB for a lab?

    Does anyone know of a faster way to get a "Fresh SLM Database" without having to do a net new installation via installer? I have a customer looking to work with a lab environment that was 1:1 duplicated, and woul...
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  • Deletion of Computers No Longer Instant in SLM?

    Hi All, In the SLM 9.0.0 Core changes doc there is a section that reads:   2.3 SNOW LICENSE MANAGER INVENTORY SERVICE In Snow License Manager 9 and Snow Inventory 6, an API has been introduced to allow the del...
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  • SLM Record Change Audit Report

    Hi Snowmen and Snowwomen, I see on the Ideas board there is a request to breakout Admin rights so that 'Delete' is a separate permission.  Please vote up. https://community.snowsoftware.com/ideas/1525 ...
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  • Snow Update Service - where to find 'view update history' data for automation

    Hello,   probably missing the correct log file, but: If you start 'Snow Update Service' there is a 'View update history'. Depending on the node SUS is running on (SI, SLM, ...) you see the latest update of (a)...
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  • SLM 9 upgrade - success

    We successfully upgraded to SLM 9.x, so thank you to all who posted suggestions and prerequisites.    A couple things I notice post upgrade. Everything that was in Quarantine went back to Active. Not a big...
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  • Machines in Inventory but not in SLM

    SPE Environment:   Hello,   We have an issue where machines are being upgraded from v5.x to v6.0.2, the asset tag changed but BIOS Serial no. the same, that are not reporting from Inventory into SLM.  ...
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  • ClaroRead 7 Pro - duplication of reporting

    We are seeing duplication of reporting for an application. The application is listed as both: ClaroRead Pro 7 ClaroRead 7 Pro   Licence manage reports the same number of installs and same assets and users und...
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  • Identified Files

    When I go to edit computer I can see the Identified files and there path on the machine. Where is this information being stored in the DB? I am having trouble locating it? 
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  • After SLM 9: [tblSoftwareProduct] is empty

    Hi,   We have successfully updated to SLM 9, the upgrade process was quite painless, thanks   However, we have noticed that our [tblSoftwareProduct] table is now empty.  There was data in this t...
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  • Reporting SIM IMEI installed in HP Laptops

    Please can anyone advise if Snow can report the IMEI number of a SIM in a laptop.  We can obtain this information by running a query in SCCM to extract this information from the HP Connection Manager.  ...
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  • Reports taking an age to load

    Hi,   I've got a question around the length of time reports seem to be loading since we've been upgraded to SLM8 some reports take an absolute age (more than 10 minutes) to load..   Wonder if anyone else...
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  • How does your Organisation deal with Hardware Financial info?

    Hi All,   I've got a question in regards to how your Organisation's handles the updating of Financial details for any Hardware that is purchased and how you handle this in relation to Snow.   Currently our...
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