• Autodesk Inventory Advisor - AIA

    Hi, I had heard a while back that Snow was looking at adding AIA into the reporting element of Snow License Manager. Is this correct, was it ever done or is it in any future upgrades? I currently have a custom made...
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  • How does SNOW determine usage?

    I know this question has been asked and answered in part, but I am being challenged by our End-Point team, who manages Altiris, about the accuracy of SNOW's ability to report usage.    So my question is sim...
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  • How to generate a SoftwareHash value

    Hi,   We have been trying to import a 'pre-recognized' application using SnowXML via the Snow Integration Manager.  Whilst we can see the imported application in the Inventory SMACC, we were not able to get...
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  • "Update existing applications" and "Application ID"

    Hi Snow Community,   I have a (hopefully not stupid) question…   We’ve added a Custom Field to Applications to provide an internal categorisation of software which is more specific to our busi...
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  • SNOW License Manager 9 Update

    Looks like the SLM 9 update is pending on our SLM server, waiting for an updated license file, which I have asked for from our Sales Rep.    With that said, who has run this update/upgrade? Is it seamless? ...
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  • Snow custom Fields to ServiceNow CMDB

    Hi   I have updated SIM to version 5.13 and I have snow for servicenow connector enabled and syncing assets to servicenow.  I enabled the option in SIM to sync custom fields for computer/mobile de...
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  • Blacklisted Software and some changes that would be good

    Snow uses a rather broad-brush approach to Blacklisted Software and tends to capture all.  It needs a little review and understand how this impacts at the coal front.   Using the Criteria under Application B...
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  • SLM 9

     I understand that SLM 9 will be released soon. Do you have any news on what changes/additions that can be expected with the new release.   Regards
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  • How does Snow record the TS Application

    If I look at my TS-Applications I can see usage on the physical computer and the terminal server, why do I get usage data on both the computer and terminal server.   Does Snow count twice?   Does usage on ...
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  • SRS: Huge amount of unassigned software

    When cleaning up the stack of unassigned software in SMACC, we found out that most of the supporting applications of vendor bundles and suites are not assigned by SRS. These are helper-tools, migration tools, add-ons...
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  • Compliance calculation, license metric

    Hi,   In October we started migrating our Microsoft licenses to the cloud with the M365 E3 package. When I entered the new licenses in SLM, it would not take them into consideration when calculation compliance (...
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  • VMWare Workstation Serial in Report?

    I know we can get the VMWare ESX serial numbers from the DataCenter / VMWare ESX Servers report. But are the VMWare Workstation serial numbers available from some other report? Custom SQL report?   I need to ver...
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  • Licenses Erroring in Snow (Windows Server 2019 DC & Std)

    Hi,   Are there any Snow users experiencing problems when adding in licenses for but not limited to Windows Server 2019 Datacenter and Windows Server 2019 Standard?   The problem we are experiencing is tha...
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  • Find metric & app name for specific part numbers

    Hello,   Is it possible make use of SLM or SMACC to get the correct name of an APP and also the metric given a list of part numbers?   I've a thousand licenses to be added in SNOW using the bulk impor...
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  • JAVA JRE licensing

    Hi, Since SNOW agent requires JAVA JRE , do we have to license the JRE for every SNOW agent ? or the inventoried device need to have JRE and then we wont require a JRE license with SNOW agent ?   Regards, Nish...
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  • Overall Desktop Compliance

    Hi, does anyone successfully report on overall compliance percentage for both server and desktop estate. I want to report on the overall computer SAM compliance metric for the desktop estate on a monthly basis and wou...
    created by PeteS
  • Restricted role in SLM

    Is it possible to restrict a role to only see agreement view and license view in SLM. I've managed to select those features in new role created but I'm not able to disable the Default Snowboard/Home for that user role...
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  • Office 365 connector setup

    I am trying to setup the Office 365 Connector. I have the instructions but I may be missing something.    I have the Office / Portal Azure side all setup.   Trying to enter the info into the Connector...
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  • Snow On-boarding / FAQ for new users

    Hi there,   I was wondering if any of you already created some kind of on-boarding document or frequently asked questions for new Snow SLM end-users.   I've created some basic guide for actions such us add...
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  • Agreements vs Licenses

    Example: We have several e.g. Red Hat licenses which are purchased on several dates and have different end dates. For example: Purchased a RHEL license for the period 01/06/2018 - 31/12/2018 Purchased a Red Hat JBO...
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