• Bundle Remark - Confusion!!

    Good Morning! I would love if someone could please help me understand the bundle remark. A particular instance I'm confused about is that a particular application (just as an example) - on the List all Applicat...
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  • Create a Bundle or license individually?

    Have a question for anyone who may have ran into this before. We have a couple of applications from various vendors that we bought as a "bundle". However, SNOW doesn't recognize the individual apps as a bundle. S...
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  • Licenses for Bundles

    We have purchased 1000 licenses that encompasses all products by Box. We entered the license for Box with Box Sync since Snow says that is a bundled application. However, when I run any report, it shows...
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  • Concurrent user metric with multiple versions

    Hi, does anyone know, if the license compliance calculation for concurrent users are considering also the setting "Allow simultaneous multiple versions" set in an application?   Example: On the same computer is...
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  • How do you configure for mixed estate of Installation/Processor based installs and Core based licenses with downgrade rights?

    What's the best way to set up metrics to ensure that licenses are correctly applied and reported on, when you have a mixed estate of software versions, and the licenses being applied are a mixture of both the sam...
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  • All Application License list

    I want to upload Microsoft licenses in snow via import template and only challenge that i am facing is that i do not have application list from snow. I do not want application list from all application but list of all...
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  • Finding the Database

    Apologies if this has already been asked.   I am trying to find the list of scheduled reports etc and other discussions have mentioned running a query on the Database itself.   I can find the query in ques...
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  • Canary-release for Snow License Manager 9.3.2 starting August 13th

    Canary release starting August 13, 2019 Release information Product:                 Snow License ManagerNew version:          9.3.2 Revi...
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  • No eligible application installed on some VMware hosts

    Hi,   I assigned Windows Server Datacenter Licenses to some VMware hosts. Some hosts show the message 'No eligible application installed' and some do not:   There are Windows guests systems running on a...
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  • Are you actively involved in your organization's GDPR program?

    Unless you've been vacationing on Mars, you can't have escaped that GDPR is coming and coming fast.  Organizations around the world now have just months to comply with the new regulations around protecting a...
  • Copy Agreement

    Is it possible to copy existing agreement as a base for new one?
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  • Cancel Scheduled Reports

    Hello,   I have a user who has asked me to cancel a scheduled report that they no longer require. Upon checking the scheduled reports in SLM I can only see a different scheduled report that is still required. I ...
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  • Increasing coverage of web application metering

    Hello together,    Some time ago we activated in the deployment for web metering with SMACC. Unfortunately, we only have a coverage rate of about half of all devices.     To increase the detec...
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  • Core Infrastructure Server Suite license updation in snow

    Hello all i have added license Microsoft Core Infrastructure Server Suite Standard in SLM Quantity 100 this product includes Window Server and System center. The issue with this is that i am facing difficulty in ...
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  • CAL Device Assignment 

    Is there a workaround to assign a Device Cal in the System We changed the Metrik to Installations and use the Assignment Type to "Computer/Datacenter" But this is not working. We would like to assign the Device...
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  • Installing Snow Software Platform Core

    NOTE: Version information was correct at the time of creation of this post. New versions of Snow Software Products are frequently released. The latest version available may differ from those within this article. A...
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  • Import / Update Existing Users

    Hi All,   I got an user export from a customer which I would like to use to import in SLM 9.   The export doesn't contain the Domain in front of the 'User name' but SLM does.   Customer export: User...
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  • Is the report of the computer standards really useful?

    Hello together, I have been working with the administration tool computer standards for the last few days. There I noticed the following things: is it possible that hardware information is not correctly inventoried?...
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  • First found date (application on computer)

    Hi! Not sure of how this date is set and what triggers it. I have a list of applications per computer where First found date appears on some of them although the app has not been used (Run 0 times) at all. Then there...
  • Scheduled Reports - Failed to Export

    I have a number of custom reports that show "export failed". Where would I look to determine why?   Thanks,
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