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Hi all, is there any prerequisite (other than the SAP basis release >= 7.01) to get the Digital Documents usage with SOS ? I mean any SAP note that the customer needs to install before.. I know SAP asks to install SAP Note 2644139 to make a Digital Documents evaluation (estimated) with their tool  Thanks Davide   PS: very useful box… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello SNOW Support,   I successfully created datasources in the SNOW for SAP Business Object 4.2 BOE Application. Now I would like to create datasources also for SAP Business Object DataServices (BDS) Application but it unclear what settings in SNOW is suitable for SAP BO BDS (see attached screenshot). I can find settings only for BOE. --… (Show more)
Hi all, anyone has come across this ABAP Runtime Error :   "Syntax error in program "/DYNAM/CL_CHANGELIST======CP" "The type "DD03PTAB is unknown"    This happens when I try to launch any command at Snow Optimizer for SAP   Thanks Davide
As we can see in the release notes video a lot of new data objects are touched in the satellite systems.   In the release notes themselves we cannot find any information about authorization for data extraction:   Is there anything to do… (Show more)
Hello,   We have list of unrecognized SAP licenses:   Application name Snow App BusinessObjects App Interface DI Server ? Intelligent Search Language Process (Italian) ? Intelligent Search Language Process (Russian) ? Intelligent Search Language Process 3 languages ? SAP Business Expert SAP Business Suite Expert SAP Workforce Performance… (Show more)
Click to view contentThis week SAP announced the creation of their new Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP). The ERP giant introduced the Indirect/Digital Access pricing model last year, and since then approximately 800 customers have switched to the digital access model, which is just 0.2% of the customer base. In an effort to accelerate adoption, DAAP provides a… (Show more)
Hi, Where can i download the Version 2.1? I have checked in but cannot find any link/page to download them. Regards, Sree
Where can I get the latest SOS software package with installation instructions? Thank you.
How are people setting up rulesets to determine the number of Limited Pro users? Pro is easily setup but as there doesn't seem to be a set of authorizations that can be used to determine who is a Limited Pro user, is setting this up as a % of the Pro users the only way?
Hi We're just interested to know how other users are using SOS?  i.e.  For user clean ups: Contract Engine Compliance: User Compliance; Indirect Access Compliance; Digital Document Compliance.  Do you have complex rulesets created? Keen to get some discussion going and share knowledge around some of these things. Thanks Toni
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