• Snow Optimizer for SAP Version 2.1

    Hi, Where can i download the Version 2.1? I have checked in www.snowsoftware.com/support but cannot find any link/page to download them. Regards, Sree
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  • Pro vs. Ltd Pro

    How are people setting up rulesets to determine the number of Limited Pro users? Pro is easily setup but as there doesn't seem to be a set of authorizations that can be used to determine who is a Limited Pro user, is...
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  • SOS usage

    Hi We're just interested to know how other users are using SOS?  i.e.  For user clean ups: Contract Engine Compliance: User Compliance; Indirect Access Compliance; Digital Document Compliance.  Do you ...
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  • Data reports, are deleted or overwritten?

    Hi all!  I have a doubt with the reports that we can obtain in Snow Optimizer. As you know, we can put a period of time that we can obtain the info. But, if I change this periods, the previus data are deleted or...
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  • SAP Employee license - CD

    Hi All,   May I know all display transactions/reports  can be accommodated in Employee license. For instance Plant maintenance reports , Production planning display transactions .Kindly confirm.Thanks in ad...
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  • SAP reference user (user cat. 11)

    Hi all, user category 11 is a Non-chargeable user that is used for the users that have already been classified once as a chargeable user in a difference client or system. Every multi-client/multi-system user tha...
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  • Snow for SAP Forum

    ARE YOU INCURRING AVOIDABLE SAP LICENSING COSTS? Do you lack visibility of who is using your SAP systems? Are you at risk of Indirect/Digital Access fines? Join world leading SAP® experts from akquinet, Del...
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  • Snow Optimizer for SAP Software 2.0 - Official Release Announcements - March 30, 2017

    Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software is a comprehensive solution that manages and controls SAP licenses based on usage behavior, enabling significant cost avoidance and efficiencies in SAP administration. By monitori...
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    At the SAPphire 2018 conference, SAP’s main worldwide event for all customers and partners,  held in early June in Orlando, Florida, Bill McDermott, SAP CEO, promised a new offering, C/4 Hana, to provi...
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  • ASUG Webinar: SAP License Compliance Challenges

    Open video

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    Joachim Paulini (Lead Architect for the Snow Optimizer for SAP Software) looks at whether customers should adopt SAP’s new, more transparent pricing model around Indirect Access.   For more than a dec...
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  • que tal buen dia queria saber cada cuanto realizan auditorias para poder tener mas conocimineto de snow for sap optimizer?

    actualmente tenemos implementado snow dentro de la empresa en la que estoy trabajando y me gustaría saber mas sobre como trabaja snow para poder brindar un mejor soporte a la empresa.
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  • Netweaver Gateway - Starter Application Project option not available

    Hi all,   I have just begun trying to learn SAPUI5. I have tried setting up my environment by first installing Eclipse Juno. I then also installed the following softwares     Now , I would like to crea...
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  • SAP License Estate Spilt - Outsourcing - Liaising between customers

    We want to initiate a steady flow of knowledge share: We do have a customer in Germany, a world leading supplier of industrial, process and speciality gases. They are outsourcing a part of business to a new company,...
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  • Read Dan Kirtley latest blog on SAP Indirect Access Risk Mitigation

    SAP Indirect Access Risk Mitigation - PT II | Snow Software 
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  • SAP Fiori measurement

    Can anyone advise the best way of using Snow Optimiser for SAP (v2) for measuring usage of SAP Fiori.   Thanks   Tom
    Tom James
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  • Cannot find "FO" while adding a new LT from a list

    In the "user licenses" tab, adding a new LT from a list, we cannot find that "FO" How can I add it?
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  • Error: "Data source.....Time limit exceed"

    I loaded the data type: Prof./Lim. table activities from SAP production system and cannot get the data because its jobs is created by dialog task and read data table that is very huge. The error says "Data source ...:...
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  • Manage SAP Indirect Access: WEBINAR, June 28

    SAP licensing has always been cumbersome and complex. Increased reviews and claims by SAP related to Indirect Access have made managing your SAP licenses even more complex. Ever growing interconnected applications and...
  • Job Swarms

    I need information about job swarms and how to schedule them?
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