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I cannot access Snow Academy.  I used to have access before but when I tried to login today, I got Insufficient Privileges Error.    You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary. For more information, see Insufficient… (Show more)
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We're attempting to evaluate our Java usage after finding out about the new subscription model Oracle is implementing.   Through Snow, we see that virtually all of our machines have Java 8 installed on them, but for all of them, there is no record of it ever running.  Is Java an application that Snow can see the usage of, so that if a parent… (Show more)
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Where can i find list of the latest, the recommended and the (un)supported version of the different Snow products and components?
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Click to view contentThis point system has been designed to help community members discover quality information faster and to acknowledge those who have actively contributed content to Snow Globe.     Share Your Expertise to Earn Points   Many of you share your expertise on Snow Globe to help others. This points system is set up to ensure that you are properly…
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Hi all, Is there information in the SCCM database about the date of adding a computer object to a given sccm collection? I have write the SQL Query:     select v_R_System.Name0 as MemberName, v_Collection.Name as CollectionName, v_Collection.LastMemberChangeTime, v_Collection.LastChangeTime  from v_FullCollectionMembership  Inner JOIN v_R_System… (Show more)
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Hi everybody! We installed the Solaris inventory agent on each Zone (global an virtual) and from the global we excluded the path where virtual zones are located, that is /zones: root@global:~# zoneadm list -cv   ID NAME STATUS  PATH  BRAND       IP       0 global running     /   solaris  shared    1 a  running     /zones/a  solaris  shared   … (Show more)
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The license form is "per task". We will not be able to monitor this in Snow I think, but it would be nice to register the license correctly. It is possible to define own measurements - maby it is the way to go..?
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I recently started using the AD discovery functionality and I was pleased to get results. One of the items that helped was seeing the DN on the "Computers that are not inventoried" report. I thought maybe I could get DN on the All Computers report. Nope. Is anybody else out there employing the use of DN and how are you doing it? I'd like to see… (Show more)
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Hi everyone,   I wanted to ask if you could tell me how to handle overlicensing in your company.   Thank you in advance! :-)
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I am new to Snow and am currently trying to figure out what licenses are holding up computers from being deleted or archived.   We get an error that says "A named license is connected to the computer". "Remove the existing licenses to be able to archive the selected computers".   My understanding is that if the license is based on installation… (Show more)
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