Life of a Software Asset Manager is not easy

Blog Post created by jelle.wijndelts2 Employee on Apr 6, 2017

Balancing demands from management, staff, vendors, projects, IT and business changes, deciphering contracts and license agreements, internal and external audit demands, software requests, the need to stay compliant whilst ensuring that end users can still perform their job. just a few of the tasks a software asset manager does on a daily basis.

Keeping up with the ever changing world of software licensing rules is a job in its own right. The introduction of virtualisation has led to an ever more complex licensing world that the end user (Software Asset Manager) has to understand and deliver. Take IBM as an example, there are currently in excess of 45 capacity licensing rules alone.(processor value unit counting rules,)

The problem is not just that these license models are complex. There are also lots of them. Despite fundamentally measuring the same thing, Oracle’s Processor Core Factors are completely different to IBM’s Processor Value Units. Each vendor deals with sub-capacity in its own way, not just in terms of counting rules but even in terms of which virtual systems can be costed on this basis.

The role of the Software Asset Manager is also getting more varied requiring skills that range from IT to procurement to HR, security, national and international law, ITIL specialist, contract management, training, Infra-structure design, cloud guru to name a few.

So next time you meet a Software Asset Manager, be nice to them, buy them a cup of coffee.