Snow Yetis attend Brilliance17 July 11-13 2017

Blog Post created by Employee on Jul 10, 2017

As we strive to deliver brilliance to all members of our Snow global community, 650 Snow Yetis will this week fly from all over the world to meet in Stockholm for three days of working together, understanding best practices and sharing knowledge about helping organizations achieve their goals of optimizing software and cloud spend.


Luckily for us, we will be spending time on the beautiful island fortress of Vaxholm, in the Stockholm archipelago.


Unfortunately for you, the wifi and phone signal on Vaxholm is sketchy at best.


So, that does mean that our Snow experts might be a little slower than normal to reply to questions and conversation on the Snow Globe between July 11th and 13th.  We hope that you will bear with us during this time, in the understanding that our brief absence will be more than repaid going forward.


We look forward to resuming ‘normal service’ as soon as possible!