What wonderful complex, clever creatures we are!

Blog Post created by jelle.wijndelts2 Employee on Oct 2, 2017


What wonderful complex and clever creatures we are, the amount of decisions we make and information we ‘compute’ consciously or sub-consciously every single second of the day is staggering.


Image you are on your way into the office, apart from the bare essentials such as breathing, sub consciously we are processing things like, the route we are taking, the weather conditions, the feel of the steering wheel, the sound of the radio, the engine of the car.


We are comparing our surroundings to the last time we travelled the same route, the fact that the building across the road has been repainted, the bike that was chained up against the lamppost has moved. All this is happening without conscious thought.


We take in the other traffic on the road, the bike that this coming round the corner, will it turn right or left?  Will it stop in time? Will the car behind you stop in time should you have to brake suddenly for the bike? All these are happening in a split second.


On top of all that you are thinking about your work day, reminding yourself you have to talk to the Oracle database administrators and request the detailed information to complete the Oracle Server Worksheet, the fact you have to pull information out of several databases to work out how many Windows 7, 8 and hopefully no XP machines are left in the estate, what software is running on them, can the software be transferred onto the Windows 10 computers, whether you have enough licenses, what departments are going to be affected, how long will it take to roll out and train everybody. Oh and make a start on the IBM PVU calculations.


It is going to be another busy day if only you could do some of these things sub-consciously (automatically)!


Wait you can!


You could use Snow software to perform these tasks, it can tell you what Oracle options are installed and being used, it will fill in the majority of the Oracle Server Worksheet, it will tell you how many Windows x machines you have and what software is installed, whether the licenses are transferable, where they are in the estate, who uses them, it will run the IBM PVU calculations for you and lots more.


Don’t forget to use your data and analyse. Ask the questions and make the decisions.


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