New Feature for Snow Product Hub

Blog Post created by Dennis.Smith Employee on Nov 21, 2017

One thing that makes Snow Globe great is being able to have conversations with the members and hearing what they like, don’t like, and would like to see added to the community. Receiving this type of feedback is exactly what we need to make sure your community is engaging and beneficial.


One of the recent requests we had from one of our advocates, mark.potts, was to create an area specifically for custom reports. For Mark there were several reasons why this wound be beneficial:


  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel, if someone has already written a report that is exactly, or almost what you are looking for, you can “borrow” the code, and look great in front of your boss when you go back and say look how quick I did that.
  2. Learn. If you are not sure about the data structures, or how to get a report working, look at some of the existing examples posted by other customers, it may just give you the hint you need.
  3. Feedback. I would hope that if people find a posted report useful, they will mark it as helpful, maybe then Snow will look through the custom reports and include the highest ones in the base product in a future release.
  4. Ideas. You may have thought of a very useful report that would make my life easier, I just haven’t thought of it yet. Even if you don’t have the code, and it is just an idea post it.

While we couldn’t create a separate area just for the reports, I am happy to announce we were able to create special categories within the Snow Product Hub so that these custom reports are easy to find. When posting a custom report (only available for Snow License Manager for now) make sure to add the tag “slm custom report” to the document and then make sure that the “Snow License Manager Custom Reports” category is checked. This will ensure that the content is organized and easy to find from the Snow License Manager and Snow Product Hub pages.



We will continue to add this feature and tags to other products throughout the upcoming months. Thank you all for all your contributions and for making Snow Globe an engaging community.