The Alphabet of SAM

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More often than not during meetings I get confused by the variable alphabet of acronyms, abbreviations, buzz words and initialisms. Whether this is because we (the industry) are getting lazy and can't be bothered to express the full name or I’m getting old(er) leading to moments of ....... (uhm where was I) ah yes, I thought I'd try and put together a list of these alphabet letters with hopefully some meaningful explanation. 





Third Party Product


Depending on the context this could mean one of two things. Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping, a software application by BMC(see below) that has it's own discovery capabilities Snow has a connector which can take this discovery data into the database. Alternatively it could stand for Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (Oracle Database 10g).


Automation Platform, a snow product in it's own right that allows for the automation of business processes and tasks through workflows. AP facilitates communication between the Snow SAM platform and other business systems, enabling automation of processes such as software requests, license harvesting, cloud provisioning, and device enrollment. Snow Automation Platform extends the capabilities of Snow into existing organizational processes.


Application Program Interface - A language that enables communication between computer programs, in particular between application programs and control programs


Microsoft Application Virtualization (MS App-V) platform allows applications to be deployed ("streamed") in real-time to any client from a virtual application server. It removes the need for traditional local installation of the applications, although a standalone deployment method is also supported.


a set of criteria that allows for the automatic assigning of computers, mobile devices, users and Devices(RDS/Citrix)  to your Organizational structure. These rules are configured in SMACC(See below) more information can be found in the SMACC user guide section 4.2.3


Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of, offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. These services operate from 16 geographical regions across the world. They include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2", and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3". As of 2016 AWS has more than 70 services, spanning a wide range, including compute, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, mobile, developer tools and tools for the Internet of things. Amazon markets AWS as a service to provide large computing capacity quicker and cheaper than a client company building an actual physical server farm. Snow's Cloud solution enables you to connect to the AWS administration colsol and bring back information about your Infrastructure as a Service configuration.


BMC Software is an American technology company. BMC produces software and services that assist businesses in moving to digital operations. (See ADDM)


Client Access License - A client access license ("CAL") is a commercial software license that allow clients to connect to server software and use their services. Most commercial client software are licensed so that payment is required for each installation. However, some server software, which are accessed by multiple devices or users concurrently, are licensed so that payment is required for each concurrent use. Thus each concurrent use is authorized with a client access license. For example, an instance of Windows Server 2003 for which ten CALs is purchased allows 10 concurrent connections.


A custom compare value type is a customized metric intended for licenses where the pre-defined
metrics in Snow License Manager are not applicable. The custom compare value type is available
for the metric Custom compare values for applications


Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory (DDMI) provides information about IT managed assets. It combines discovery with comprehensive hardware and software installation and usage data to support asset management, service management and configuration management solutions. Snow has a connector to take data from DDMI as a discovery source.


Data Intelligent Services - The name of the Snow team responsible for software recognition.


Data Update Job - The Data Update Job is a daily recurring SQL job, which processes the information in the SNOWDB into a more usable format for software asset management. The Data Update Job re-populates the Snow License Manager database with new and updated inventory information, applies software recognition rules, and calculates usage, and alerts.



Watch this space more letters to follow. Should there be some missing ,I’m sure I haven't captured them all, feel free to add to the comments or email me to add to the list.


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