LSE uses Snow to make cost avoidance savings of £300,000 (US$416,000)

Blog Post created by su.kent Employee on Mar 15, 2018

Harri Carroll (harri.carroll) and I recently visited the London School of Economics when the SAM team presented to the wider IT department about how they’ve been able to make savings and ensure license compliance with Snow.


Floriana Molone – whom we must first congratulate on recently winning a prestigious Women in IT Award for Future CIO of the Year values the end to end visibility she gets with Snow: “Up until we deployed Snow, we couldn’t track how many licenses we actually purchased for a specific area of the business. Now, we can clearly see who's got what and if it's utilized. Now we can look to redeploy licenses that were purchased for software that’s unused rather than buying license after license.


She adds, “We go into Snow, see how many are currently being used, and for whatever is not used, we can look to redeploy those licenses rather than buying new ones. We can also look at being smarter with our budgets and assess whether we should have enterprise agreements or buy licenses individually.


“If you don't have a solution like Snow, you won't be able to have the end-to-end visibility. You might lose track and keep buying, even when you have licenses available across the School. For us at the LSE we are talking about 24 departments plus research centers plus professional services divisions, so it’s a lot of businesses using licenses, and we have to be smart at spending the money we've been given.”


Chris Andrews (Chris.Andrews) and James Harvey (JHarvey) of LSE are at the coalface of managing licenses every day. They were recently approached by a vendor who was concerned about a particular area of compliance which they were able to quickly deflect, as James says: “After we mentioned we had Snow the conversation took a different route. The situation was quickly resolved, by generating a particular report that we shared with the vendor where they could see were in compliance.”


Chris adds, “Using Snow, we’ve been able to calculate risk avoidance of £300,000 (US $416,000). Also, we can now look at doing drastic cost-saving exercises because we can see exactly what's being used and what's not being used. We can enforce our policies and our procedures about making sure that people install the right versions of the license that we've bought. Previously we had a lot of different versions, incorrect installs, and incorrect and unauthorized upgrades not to mention the shelfware we had with Microsoft and Adobe, all of which [thanks to Snow] we’ve been able to monitor and make changes to ensure software compliance and optimize our estate making significant savings along the way.”