Better, Faster, Personalized: Snow Announces the New Face of Support

Blog Post created by Tom.Boyle Employee on Apr 8, 2018

Snow Support is Changing - with the new Support Portal you are able to receive support specifically tailored to your needs whenever you want it.


From the portal, you can raise new support cases, review cases from across your organization and access the Knowledge Base where you can find support articles, product documentation and helpful videos.


Behind the portal are new ways of working to make customer service and support more efficient and deliver quicker results. Jonas Dahlberg, Head of Customer Support, Technical Excellence, says: “We’ve made changes based on customer feedback and our own observations to build a better user experience.”

Snow Support Portal home page


  • Easy Access to Knowledge
    The Knowledge Base is filled with articles that our support team has established through the Knowledge-Centered Services (KCS) methodology. Tom Boyle (Tom.Boyle2), Global Support Knowledge Manager: “The Knowledge Base will grow as we write articles that directly tackle the cases received in Support so that our customers get the answers they need as quickly as possible. And it’s the result of incredible teamwork: when you’re looking at an article you aren’t just getting the insight of one individual. Each article has been worked on and added to by Snow’s top technical experts with the information written in digestible bites.”
  • Simplicity in logging/closing tickets
    New tickets will simply start as an unassigned case. Jonas says: “Our customers just want support. It doesn’t make sense to have different ticket types or classifications.”
    When Support offers a solution to a case support requesters will see a status “resolution proposed” rather than “pending resolved”, and the support requester will be the one to select “Accept Solution” or “Reopen ticket” from the portal.
  • Improved search
    The search filter now allows for faster and more relevant searches.
  • Preventive analytics
    Support is capturing the root cause and complexity rating when closing a case, giving us more data on the issues you face leading to further preventive initiatives.


Keep an eye out on the portal for communication about upcoming functionality and take advantage of the Knowledge Base as it continues to evolve and grow.


If you face any issues or have further requests for the portal, please raise a case with Support.


Please watch the video below for a quick navigational guide that will highlight some key features of the portal.