UPDATE: End-of-life announcement for Snow License Manager 7 and Snow Inventory 3

Blog Post created by su.kent Employee on Jul 2, 2018

In June 2018, Snow announced End of Life for Snow License Manager 7 and Snow Inventory 3. Since then, some of our customers have been requesting more time to carry out the necessary upgrades. To accommodate these requests, Snow is extending the previously published End of Life (EoL) dates and End of Support (EoS) dates by an additional three months.

Software updates for these two products will now cease on December 31, 2018 and support will end on June 30, 2019.

We advise all our customers to upgrade Snow License Manager and Snow Inventory as soon as possible.

Please reach out to your local Snow Account Manager (if you don't know who that is, please contact Support) who can tell you more about the next steps, as well as the benefits of transitioning to the recent version of our Software Asset Management solution that includes features for Microsoft Office 365 subscription optimization, SaaS application discovery, and automated license re-harvesting.




What are the benefits of upgrading to Snow License Manager and Inventory?

The newer versions of our products are supported and updated regularly with new features, enhancements, and corrections. Not only do our most recent product releases include asset management features adapted for the modern, cloud-based organization, they also take advantage of developments in other parts of the technology space, such as the latest encryption techniques.

The newer versions of our products include capabilities for optimizing cloud spend, such as cloud application discovery and metering capabilities, providing insight into SaaS consumption, along with Microsoft Office 365 subscription optimization, and GDPR reporting.


What version of Snow License Manager and Snow Inventory am I running?
Snow License Manager:
To check the version of Snow License Manager you're running, log into your Snow License Manager web page, click on your login username in the top right and select About. This page will show you the full Snow License Manager version including revisions.
Snow Inventory:
To check the version of Snow Inventory you're running you will need to access the server where it's installed. From there run Add or Remove Programs/ Uninstall a program and find Snow Inventory in the list. If you don't see a column for version number right click on the top bar and add the Version column. Another way you are able to check your Inventory version if you do not have access to the server is by looking at the Inventory Agent in add or remove programs on your local machine. If the agent installed is 3.x it is Inventory 3 and if 5.x it is Inventory 5.

What version of the software is covered by the upgrade?

The most recent product versions (as of October 2, 2018) are Snow License Manager 8.3.4 and Snow Inventory 6.0.0, which include SaaS capabilities enabling users to, for example, match subscription purchases against assignments and usage, pinpointing where costs can be eliminated.

In this release, support is available for the following SaaS providers: Box, Cisco WebEx, DropBox, Google G Suite, Salesforce Sales Cloud, ZenDesk, as well as the comprehensive solution for Microsoft Office 365.


Does end of life apply to Inventory agents too?

Yes, support will also cease for 3.x Inventory agents.


In some cases, I use unsupported versions of Snow Inventory agents to inventory legacy hardware that isn't supported by newer agents. Can I still use 3.x agents to achieve this?

The short answer is yes. One of the benefits of upgrading to the latest versions of Snow License Manager and Snow Inventory is the capability to provide End of Life details for software installed on a network – a feature that is not included in earlier versions of our products. Our agents tend to support legacy operating systems as long as the vendor is continuing to support. While running unsupported versions of our agents is not ideal, the real risk is old hardware running operating systems that are not supported by their vendors, an insight that the new version of Snow License Manager together with Inventory can highlight.


Can I carry out an upgrade without support from Snow?

Snow recommends you first contact Snow to ensure that the upgrade is performed according to best practices. We advise you to implement  a project plan that includes a system readiness check, communication with users, planning for downtime, and timelines – all of which Snow can provide guidance and support for.

Please be aware that any faults, issues or technical problems occurring as a result of any customer performing the migration and upgrade will not be covered by Snow’s standard  support and maintenance agreement. Potential charges may therefore arise from any time incurred to assist/ resolve any issues and will incur a charge based on a T/M day rate in accordance with our standard support terms and conditions on our website (   


Is there any documentation to help?

An upgrade wizard was made available in the Snow Inventory 5.4.0 release and full documentation of the steps of the upgrade path are available in the User Guide: Migration from Inventory 3 to Inventory 5

System Requirements Snow products


How long does it take to carry out an upgrade?

The technical part of the upgrade can take up to five working days, depending on the size of your environment. The upgrade project, which includes communication with users, training in the new user interface, and learning about new features and how to use them, however might take a couple of months to complete – depending on the size of your organization and the number of Snow users.