There’s no idea like a Snow idea

Blog Post created by per.skanne Employee on Oct 3, 2018

It’s been just over three months since we launched the Snow Ideas board and it’s time to update you with some progress. First, I’d like to thank all of you for giving your time to either suggest an idea or vote on an idea that you’d like to see developed.


As of today, we have had 289 contributed ideas and we have looked at every one and have now changed status on quite a number. One common theme that we have seen is that many of you are have submitted suggestions particularly around Snow’s reporting – enhancing existing reports, adding new reports and looking at introducing a new more dynamic reporting capability. As a result, reporting shall be an area that we will bring in as a focus over the coming months.  


Having changed the status on several ideas, I’d like to explain each of the different levels:


QUALIFIED – Ideas such as: 'Sharing Snowboards' and others that are related to introducing more community driven values are just a few of the dozen suggestions that are in line with our product strategy. We are looking to add these to the Snow Roadmap’s future features and functionality.


UNDER REVIEW – We are currently determining ideas like ‘Application minor version numbers displayed in SLM’, ‘Active vs Inactive License’ and ‘Report criteria should contain all columns that can be displayed in a SLM report’ and look at how they might be added into future product. We’ll be reaching out to Snow Globe members to further research and gauge the applicability of these suggestions into Snow products.


IN DEVELOPMENT – Great minds think alike! Of the half dozen or so ideas that were suggested, you’ll be pleased to learn that we are committed to introduce these features to future product. Examples include: ‘Identify software vulnerabilities’, Reporting applications with GDPR risk and type of risks’ and ‘Exclude from compliance’.


IMPLEMENTED – this is what it says on the tin. Functionality such as Connnectors for ServiceNow, TopDesk and RemedyForce has already been developed and brought to market.

So please do keep on adding your ideas and actively promote them amongst your peers. Unfortunately, not every idea will be adopted, but the more your peers vote for your ideas, the more likely it is that we’ll take notice and consider them for inclusion in our future roadmap.


Downstream, the Ideas Board will be updated to show ideas that are currently top priority and being worked by the engineering teams at Snow.


I’ll be updating you with more progress next month. Watch this space…