Official Release of Snow Inventory Server 6.0.1

Blog Post created by Myrja.Schumacher Employee on Oct 17, 2018

Release information

Product:                Snow Inventory Server
New version:         6.0.1
Release date:        Oct 17th, 2018
Distribution:          SUS package

Current status:     Released


Enhancements in Snow Inventory Server 6.0.0

  • The level of detail of the CPU name has been improved by using the field ProcessorNameString intead of Name from the Windows agent. This will improve the core-factor mappings in Snow License Manager.

  • Additional details from SIM connectors regarding virtual machines and datacenters are now stored in the Inventory database.

Corrections in Snow Inventory Server 6.0.0

  • Snow Inventory Server now considers all characters of the inventoried software information when generating a unique identifier (softwarehash), instead of only using the first 100 characters.
  • Merging information about swidtags and cloud metering no longer causes the inventory file to be ignored with the error message “Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'HashValue'”.
  • Windows machines that are not servers or VDIs no longer generate TS-metering.

Known limitations in Snow Inventory Server 6.0.0

  • Disk-space information about the APFS file system (introduced in macOS High Sierra) and gathered by the Snow Inventory agent for macOS versions 6.0.0 and higher, is not yet fully supported by Snow Inventory Server. Full support will be provided in an upcoming release of Snow Inventory Server.