Blog Post created by benjamin.van.dam on Feb 1, 2019

With the release of the Snow O365 connector, the DIS team saw a more insightful way to manage Microsoft subscriptions. With gradual adoption of this product over time, the initial reporting of Subscription String ID’s, was slow. Due to this slow reporting, maintaining new, incoming Subscriptions was a relatively smooth, and fast process.


With more and more customers adopting this technology, the DIS team are seeing a steady increase in the Subscription String ID’s being reported to us globally, and have dedicated Analysts checking, analysing, and mapping these String ID’s to Subscription plans on a daily basis, to ensure the Subscription Plans are present in your environments as fast as possible.


One thing to note, is that there may be a day or two between the reporting of Subscription String ID’s to the global database and showing as a mapped subscription plan in your environments. This is due to synchronisation times of the DUJ and scheduled SRS sync times running once per day. In most cases, the subscription plan should be visible the next working day after being reported.


We do experience some challenges with mapping these String ID’s to a Subscription Plan, as the String ID itself is not always clear as to which plan it relates to, and which Microsoft applications are covered within these Subscription Plans.

The most accurate source for these String ID’s is listed on Microsoft’s website:


The majority of Subscriptions are mapped according to this data, including Subscription Plan naming conventions, and the Service Plans included in each Subscription. However, it is not always clear which String ID relates to a Subscription Plan.


For example:

The following String ID – STANDARDPACK is the ID for OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE E1


String IDs


There is no clear correlation to the ID and the Subscription which makes it difficult (without the documentation) to make sure we are accurately mapping the right Subscription


These unclear String ID’s may lead to some reported ID’s not being mapped to a Subscription plan. We also go through these unmapped ID’s on a regular basis to see if any new data is published from the vendor or alternative 3rd party sources, so that we may add these Plans, but it is not always possible.


If you have a Subscription which is not mapped, please see the following KB article on how to submit these Service-Now requests here: